2015-01-13 11.57.38

12th Ave E

12th Avenue East –2015-01-13 11.57.38 Where do I start? I have a special affinity for 12th Ave because I went to school at Seattle University during the double aughts (2002). When I applied to SU, my highschool friends said that the neighborhood was bad and I would need to call public safety to get to and from class at night. That was never true and the microhood has exploded with activity since. The reservoir got a cap and became Cal Anderson Park. The burrito/pizza place shut down and after a couple changes, it became the best Chinese food restaurant on the Hill, Chungees. The liquor store is still at Pine, the Ferrari dealership is still on Union, Artist Trust is still holding down the corner of 12th and Denny. Besides those three businesses, most everything has changed. Northwest Film Forum and Velocity Dance Center are both located on 12th Ave E. The 12th Ave Arts Building is open and supporting artists. Wall of Sound has a new home at 12th and Pike if you want to pick up some great records. The Packard Building went from a used furniture shop to high end apartments, gelato, and bagels.

After all this reminiscing, I need a drink. I’m gonna hit up Old Sage for a whisky drink and then Tavern Law for a craft cocktail. I might do dinner at Manhattan or Plumb Bistro and then grab dessert at High 5 Pies. I can do all of this on 12th Ave E. The quiet nougat of Capitol Hill.

I’ll see you around the neighborhood,