St Joe's (as the locals call it) Near 19th

19th Ave East | The Backside of the Hill

19th Avenue East, A.K.A. The backside of the “Hill.” This is not where the cool kids live. This is where the people who want a real neighborhood and close proximity to downtown live. Rent is slightly cheaper, homes are slightly larger. Amenities are really great. You won’t even have to stand in line for a great drink, or coffee.

Here are some highlights.

Fuel Coffee is always great. The baristas are swell. They are happy to include you in whatever random conversation is happening in the shop at the moment. The coffee and shop are born and raised Seattle!

Hello Robin has a silly name, but the cookies are serious business. Insider tip – they have the BEST cinnamon rolls in all of Seattle. They are made in limited quantity, so get one early. What would be a better reward for waking up early than the BEST cinnamon roll? Nothing.

I’m going to bring it down a notch and talk about something a little more serious. Healthcare. Country Doctor is a community healthcare center based right on 19th Ave E. They offer healthcare to anyone. Their services are based on an income-dependent sliding scale. It’s a very necessary and wonderful service.

Looking for a little more civic activity? Maybe a pickup basketball or soccer game? Check out the Miller Community Center also located right on 19th ave E.

Time for a drink? Head to Tallula’s. OH MY GOODNESS the outdoor seating! What could be better than great cocktails and a beautiful sidewalk patio?

Drinks are over, let’s grab some goodies to cook back at your place. We’ll head over to Cone and Steiner General Store. They have the last minute sundries you’ll need, but this isn’t a normal convenience store. It’s so much better.

Here’s a little movie trivia¬†from Seattle’s past. Cameron Crowe’s Singles was filmed at the corner of 19th Ave E and E John St. If you want a glimpse into Seattle’s early 90’s past, check this movie out. Spoiler Alert: They still haven’t figured out the traffic problems.