Month: January 2015

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Pike and Pine West | Old Glory of Capitol Hill

Pike and Pine West, the older brother of the two microhoods. You know that feeling older brothers give off? A sense of sophistication, a sense of reserved order in chaotic surroundings. This is Pike and Pine West. While Pike and Pine East is party town, Pike and Pine West spends the majority of it’s time […]

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Capitol Hill Walkability

Capitol Hill and Walkability go hand in hand. Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is tops for walkability in the entire city. This neighborhood has it all, and if you were lucky enough to work somewhere on the hill, you wouldn’t ever have to leave. In an area that’s roughly 2 miles by 4 miles, you can do […]

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The Divas in Front of Their Fav Arts Organization on their Wedding Day

Velocity Dance Center: Your Dance, Your Center

Velocity, eh? Stop. Open the door. Get your bootie on in there and shake it! You? Yes, I’m talking to you. Really. Because Velocity Dance Center isn’t just for dancers. It’s for dancing. And dancing is for everyone. Here’s how widely they construe that term “everyone” at Velocity: I took a hip-hop class there last […]

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Capitol Hill public art

Capitol Hill’s Public Art: Part I

Public art on Capitol Hill? Hm. The plan was for me to take you on a tour of the public art on Capitol Hill, from Isamu Noguchi’s “Black Sun,” past Richard Beyer’s sleeping reader, over Jack Mackie’s inlaid bronze dancing shoe prints on Broadway, and all the way on down to, say, St. Ignatius, whose gorgeous minimalism […]

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Pretty Party in the Heart of the Olive Way Community

North of Olive: A Homey Neighborhood

  Hello from Analog Coffee, in the heart of No’Olive, where the coffee is thoughtfully delicious, the tunes come from the house record player, and the comic books and newspapers are waiting for you (yes, you!) to take a break. North of Olive is not exactly a destination neighborhood. The gorgeous mansions are farther north, […]

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Seattle Central in the Heart of Capitol Hill

Seattle Central | More Than Just a College

Seattle Central | More than a college! The Seattle Central neighborhood is the education hub of Capitol Hill. Seattle Central Community College offers an awesome array of educational opportunities for just about anyone. Thinking about changing careers? Check out their certificate programs. Interested in boat building? Seattle Central has a phenomenal maritime woodworking program. Maybe […]

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Interlaken | Part of East Capitol Hill

At the north end of Capitol Hill, you can find the Interlaken microhood – a completely residential neighborhood with old Seattle homes and beautiful, wild parks. The Interlaken microhood may be dominated by Interlaken and Louisa Boren parks, but it’s also home to some of Seattle’s oldest and grandest homes. It’s even rumored that one […]

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Watching Seattle Develop From Capitol Hill

Preserving Capitol Hill: A quick guide to battling development angst

When I think about Capitol Hill these days, I think about the neighborhood institutions we’ve lost and the drastic shift in the crowds and nightlife. The visual transformation in its own right is so dramatic that there are corners I stand on, and much like development in South Lake Union, find myself completely lost without […]

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Pony Bar

Pony Triangle | The Bar is Just the Tip

The Pony Triangle – Okay, we made up the name but it’s real easy to find because of the iconic Pony Bar on the triangle between Madison and Union. Named aptly for our beloved Pony which sits at its apex, this microhood offers more than solid nightlife. Foodie dreams come true as you balance budget […]

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Cheap drinks dominate

Pike and Pine East |Bars, Boutiques, Baristas

Pike and Pine East, the younger brother of the Pike/Pine duo. It’s younger, it’s looks better in a suit, and everyone wants to party with Pike/Pine East. Every article written about Seattle’s hipness and hipsterness involves Pike and Pine.  Coffee: Caffe Vita, Porchlight Fancy Drinks: Vermillion, Oddfellows, Tin Table, and Quinn’s. Not so fancy drinks: Comet Tavern, […]

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