Month: January 2015

in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle

Harvard/Belmont: Hello, Luxury!

Checking out the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood, eh? Nice. If you’re going to buy a house here, please invite me to your house-warming party? In my 25 years as a Seattlite, I’ve only been in one of these elite residences. No kidding: there was an antique cane collection in the “elegantly appointed” dining room. And, no kidding: […]

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St Joe's (as the locals call it) Near 19th

19th Ave East | The Backside of the Hill

19th Avenue East, A.K.A. The backside of the “Hill.” This is not where the cool kids live. This is where the people who want a real neighborhood and close proximity to downtown live. Rent is slightly cheaper, homes are slightly larger. Amenities are really great. You won’t even have to stand in line for a […]

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Cal Anderson Park is Seattle’s Central Park

Cal Anderson Park is Seattle’s Central Park.  I’m not talking in terms of size or the amount of attractions, I’m referring the the love and the pride the denizins of Seattle have in their heart for this amazing space. For people like me who love the urban lifestyle, close proximity to local shops, trendy restaurants, hot nightlife and fabulous shopping keeps life exciting. Life however is […]

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2015-01-13 11.57.38

12th Ave E

12th Avenue East – Where do I start? I have a special affinity for 12th Ave because I went to school at Seattle University during the double aughts (2002). When I applied to SU, my highschool friends said that the neighborhood was bad and I would need to call public safety to get to and from class at […]

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Bellevue, Bellevue, and Bellevue

Bellevue, Bellevue, and Bellevue: Where the Bellevue’s Collide Bellevue Court, Bellevue Place and Bellevue Avenue. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of Capitol Hill, where three streets by the same name collide. It’s a junction with some great ju-ju. Here’s what we love about this microhood. Views. Red brick building snuggle up to one another and climb up […]

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From the Loveless Building in the Broadway neighborhood of Seattle

Broadway: From Low-Key to Skanky to Swanky

Broadway. This was one of the first Seattle neighborhoods I fell in love with. And looking out the window from Roy Street Coffee & Tea, I could fall in love all over again. Straight ahead, sits the restaurant Poppy, perky and pricey and a precious introduction to the commercial part of Broadway. On the right, […]

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15th Ave: Living in Foodie Heaven

Over the years, I’ve had so many friends who have lived just a block or two off 15th Avenue East. It’s easy to see why people choose this neighborhood. Pretty residential streets lie on both sides of this avenue that meets the basic needs of any foodie. I’m very happily writing this blog post at […]

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A mansion outside Volunteer Park, Seattle, and the park itself

Volunteer Park: A dose of nature in the middle of Seattle

Sometimes I’ll take a detour up Aloha, just for the beauty of it. The tree-lined street curves up from 10th to 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and beyond, past graceful old homes that speak of a different era. If I have time, I’ll stop at Volunteer Park for a dose of nature. It’s nature of a […]

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