Month: February 2015

19th Ave Lofts

Welcome to the 19th Avenue Lofts

Welcome to the 19th Avenue Lofts! I get so excited when a Capitol Hill condo listings hit the market that have the right mix of edge, sexiness, and functionality. Chad Dierickx of Redfin has a hot new listing at 1812 19th Avenue that meets all of these criteria. I’m still not sure what I like about […]

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Divas are full of LOVE for you!

Sirens & Feral Kitties: A Love You Party!

Sirens & Feral Kitties it is time to have a Love You Party. Yep – you heard right. February is the month of love and we want to love you back. Join Team Diva, Retail Therapy, and Planetary Apothecary for a delicious party on Friday, February 13th from 6:00 PM to 9:00ish. This soiree is for […]

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Bright and snazzy beauties in East Capitol Hill.

East Capitol Hill | Grow Up or Stay Young

East Capitol Hill is one of the unique spots in Seattle where you can truly capture the historic feel of our city. Turn of the century estates rub up against mid-century custom built homes. When I first moved to Seattle I jogged through this neighborhood starry eyed and smitten. I lived in a basement room […]

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The Fairfax is bringing sexy back to Capitol Hill

The Fairfax is bringing sexy back to Capitol Hill in 2015. Let’s face it there has not been much as far as hot new listings on the hill for couple of months now. That’s not to say there are not some great properties on the market right now because there are. But this new listing […]

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