Month: April 2015

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DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition

  DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition Its..BURLESQUE! Now if you’ve only seen the Christina Aguilera/Cher Hollywoodized take on the world of strip tease, you need to check some of these events out. However, I’m giving you the reader the benefit of the doubt that you are probably better versed than that and knowing the community […]

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Small Space Design That Works

Small spaces that work are all the rage these days. Less is more, simple, streamlined, efficient design is freeing. Have you seen Tiny, the documentary about the dude who built his own tiny house? Living small is the thing to do these days. How do you find small space design that works? This is nothing new. […]

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DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition

DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition The Magic of Glo’s Picture it. Seattle. The Hill, 1987! Gloreen Raineri opened Glo’s as a classic breakfast and lunch diner that you might blink and miss if it weren’t for the crowds of people waiting to get in when it’s busy. So much so that they put out […]

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This rooftop deck with a killer view is to die for!

Patio Season Has Arrived on the Hill

Oh, thank goodness. Just when I thought those gray skies I love so much were finally going to do me in, that big ball of fire finally came out and reminded me of just how glorious patio season can be in Seattle. In honor of this weekend’s kicka$$ forecast, we decided to highlight the best […]

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DonnaT & Kimmi V

Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition

OH MY LORT! How did Carrie Bradshaw do it!? I’m keeping it fairly short and sweet this week. I love being busy but I don’t want to drop any of the plates I have spinning! Let’s just get right to it and look at some events, shall we? We are even journeying off the Hill, […]

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Donnatella’s Dish: April 8-14 Edition!

Donnatella’s Dish April 8-14 There is always something to be doing around the Hill. Some nights might be “slower” than others, but if you leave the safety of your living room and wander about you will find various sized events or gatherings going on that go past just the plain ole “having a nightcap at […]

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Look at all those offers! Team Diva is killin' it.

Home Prices up 20% From Last Year on Capitol Hill

Home Prices up 20% From Last Year on Capitol Hill for Single Family Homes.  Condos are up by 15% from Q1 of last year to this year. The city of Seattle overall is at 18.9%. The Seattle Times just released a good article about the current Real Estate market in Seattle. Normally when a story like this […]

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DonnaTella's Got Your Weekly Dish

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish”

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish” to our Move to Capitol Hill community. Join us every week as DonnaTella dishes on what to go see and do in our favorite Gayborhood. Capitol Hill’s Gayborhood has not disappeared you just don’t know where to go. Starting next week DonnaTella will be giving the hot list of the best nights to go […]

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