Month: July 2015


Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine

Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine The East section of the Pike and Pine corridor of Capitol Hill is about to launch its pilot program that joins what is already working in Portland, Vancouver, NOLA, Memphis, Chicago and Austin and may just become a reality in San Francisco! What might it be like to […]

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Screenshot 2015-07-24 12.39.31

The Beauty of Terra Plata!

Among the fabulous new places that have arisen on the hill, Terra Plata continues to be one of my all-time favorites. In what was once an area dominated by an auto body repair shop, changes began several years ago giving way to food, entertainment space, new homes to local business favorites and our very own […]

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: A Diva Survival Guide

  Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: A Diva Survival Guide! Get ready for the hoards of youngsters to take over the Hill, see a shit ton of great bands, buy goods by our local peeps, and it is a general good time! This is your Capitol Hill Block Party 2015 Guide by the Divas. Just […]

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Slushy in Seattle: Boozy Frozen Bevvies to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s hard to want to be anywhere else but Seattle in summer. Mild, beautiful weather, long days and water in every direction provide abundant opportunity to relax outdoors without overheating, while the rest of the country languishes in high temperatures and humidity. But then, some summers we really swelter, and those who have become acclimated […]

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Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo

  Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo in the Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue microhood. Here is the deal. We are going to give you five reasons to love the 1000 Bellevue Place East Condos.¬†Frankly there are way more than five reasons. But you only need FIVE good ones to run to this building this weekend. […]

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Heavy Flow 7-10

DJ Tony Burns + The WildRose = HEAVY FLOW

Have you been to The Wildrose? I surely hope you have, as you are missing out on one of our neighborhood’s, gayborhood’s, dare I say it LESBIHOOD’S best spaces to commune! “A place for women…where all are welcome” and women owned and operated since 1984 sitting at the corner of 11th and Pike featuring such […]

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