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Small Space Design That Works

Small spaces that work are all the rage these days. Less is more, simple, streamlined, efficient design is freeing. Have you seen Tiny, the documentary about the dude who built his own tiny house? Living small is the thing to do these days. How do you find small space design that works? This is nothing new. […]

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This rooftop deck with a killer view is to die for!

Patio Season Has Arrived on the Hill

Oh, thank goodness. Just when I thought those gray skies I love so much were finally going to do me in, that big ball of fire finally came out and reminded me of just how glorious patio season can be in Seattle. In honor of this weekend’s kicka$$ forecast, we decided to highlight the best […]

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Donnatella’s Dish: April 8-14 Edition!

Donnatella’s Dish April 8-14 There is always something to be doing around the Hill. Some nights might be “slower” than others, but if you leave the safety of your living room and wander about you will find various sized events or gatherings going on that go past just the plain ole “having a nightcap at […]

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Look at all those offers! Team Diva is killin' it.

Home Prices up 20% From Last Year on Capitol Hill

Home Prices up 20% From Last Year on Capitol Hill for Single Family Homes.  Condos are up by 15% from Q1 of last year to this year. The city of Seattle overall is at 18.9%. The Seattle Times just released a good article about the current Real Estate market in Seattle. Normally when a story like this […]

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95 Slide Surrounded by New Construction

Changing Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is changing, no question about it. Very few people are ambivalent to these shifts — they either love it or hate it. Seattle Times reporter Tricia Romano wrote one of the most comprehensive articles about the changing dynamics on the Hill, including interviews with the major players on the Hill. The Capitol Hill blog […]

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If Not Capitol Hill, Where?

If not our beloved Capitol Hill, where? There have been lots of conversations (read: rants) on social media about folks getting “priced out” of Capitol Hill. It is true that as the condo buildings creep closer to the sky, they appear to be dragging rents with them. Clearly, we at Team Diva love Capitol Hill […]

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Divas are full of LOVE for you!

Sirens & Feral Kitties: A Love You Party!

Sirens & Feral Kitties it is time to have a Love You Party. Yep – you heard right. February is the month of love and we want to love you back. Join Team Diva, Retail Therapy, and Planetary Apothecary for a delicious party on Friday, February 13th from 6:00 PM to 9:00ish. This soiree is for […]

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Capitol Hill's very own Cal Anderson Park in the Summer

Top Reasons to Move to Capitol Hill

Want to know the top reasons to Move to Capitol Hill here in Seattle? The folks at Team Diva Real Estate have the answers for you. Our DivaHQ has been buying, selling, and renting real estate on Capitol Hill for over 15 years. And before that we were a bunch of baby gays and hipsters living […]

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