Chavi joined her wife Kim in to Real Estate during one of the the most challenging markets the industry has ever seen. Many asked why, and she answered – “I love a deal and with a last name like HOHM, it seems to be my destiny.” Chavi brings a tenacious perspective on how to find sweat equity in older homes, marketing savvy, and a true enjoyment of working with her long time partner, Kim. Chavi’s social media prowess and market savvy was pivotal in helping to elevate Team Diva to new levels of success and recognition. You can often catch Chavi throwing small dinner parties for 20 or so folks, shopping for local goodies, or spending time with the pooches, Hollis and Daisy.


Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: A Diva Survival Guide

  Capitol Hill Block Party 2015: A Diva Survival Guide! Get ready for the hoards of youngsters to take over the Hill, see a shit ton of great bands, buy goods by our local peeps, and it is a general good time! This is your Capitol Hill Block Party 2015 Guide by the Divas. Just […]

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Slushy in Seattle: Boozy Frozen Bevvies to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s hard to want to be anywhere else but Seattle in summer. Mild, beautiful weather, long days and water in every direction provide abundant opportunity to relax outdoors without overheating, while the rest of the country languishes in high temperatures and humidity. But then, some summers we really swelter, and those who have become acclimated […]

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Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo

  Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo in the Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue microhood. Here is the deal. We are going to give you five reasons to love the 1000 Bellevue Place East Condos. Frankly there are way more than five reasons. But you only need FIVE good ones to run to this building this weekend. […]

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Still Here. Still Queer. A History of the Gayborhood!

Still Here. Still Queer. A History of the Gayborhood! Many of us GLBTQ who live, work, and play on the Hill have started to feel like strangers as soon as Thursday night arrives. And we typically only come back to the hill once the dude dust settles on Sunday morning in time for the farmers market. […]

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An Urban Oasis Off of 10th Ave

An Urban Oasis Off of 10th Ave | We all know Central Capitol Hill is growing denser and denser around its bustling core of restaurants and bars, but on its northern end, there are still residential sections with coveted single-family homes. From the street, some of them look like modest little bungalows, but looks can be […]

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Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks

How to Spend the Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks It seems that people are drawn to properties with rooftop decks, but few residents actually use these amenities. Why is that? It certainly isn’t that we don’t like being “high” or on top of things. It also can’t be a fear of communal spaces; our […]

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New to the Hill? Here is Your Insiders Guide to Pride!

New to the Hill? You still probably know that it has been Seattle’s “gayborhood” for many years, and you may also know that there have been demographic shifts and concerns about this in the community. Those concerns will largely be swept away for the last week of June, when Capitol Hill becomes ground zero for a […]

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Divas Take the Hill

Gay Pride Kick-Off Party | Divas Take The Hill

Capitol Hill’s Gay Pride Kick Off Party “Divas Take the Hill” is turning FIVE this year. That is right the folks at Team Diva Real Estate and Retail Therapy have been sponsoring Divas Take the Hill for five years now hosted by our very DonnaTella Howe and Miss Kitty Baby. Join us on June 18th at the 12th Avenue Arts […]

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Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium

Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium Building! There are many nice condos on the hill but not all of them have that special combination of views, private decks, gas range stoves, walk-in closets, and a killer location just North of Olive! Hands down we adore walking the North of Olive and Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue hoods. One of […]

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DonnaTella's Got Your Weekly Dish

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish”

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish” to our Move to Capitol Hill community. Join us every week as DonnaTella dishes on what to go see and do in our favorite Gayborhood. Capitol Hill’s Gayborhood has not disappeared you just don’t know where to go. Starting next week DonnaTella will be giving the hot list of the best nights to go […]

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