DonnaTella Howe

DonnaTella Howe is not only a Diva Dweller but she is also one of Seattle's premier athletic, boxy hipped, blacklisted, tupperware consultant drag queen. Principal performer for Team Diva Real Estate and local Seattle performer having fun being freelance!Miss Gay Seattle 48, Imperial Princess 36 & 37 of Seattle. Hostess. Performer. Kinda dirty, kinda bitchy, all fun. DonnaTella comes from the 'West Wing' ... Donna Moss, her full name was Donnatella. Named by Mark 'MoM' Finley while I was assisting her and hosting her mothers day and birthday shows each year. Howe came across by chance based on the first person who did my first face, which was actually what I call the 'evil boy' just before Donnatella 1.0 came into being. "The Hysteric and Surreal" DonnaTella Howe (Absolut Onassis Peters-Lake Kessler Beebar)


Rugby is a Drag!

Or was a drag. Has been a drag. Also it will be a drag, because it will be back next year! I’ve had the honor and pleasure the last few years of being apart of a fundraising event that has become a highlight of my year. Tru Halliwell of the Seattle Quake Rugby Team is […]

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dth halloween

Looking for a to-do this Halloween?

The gay high holiday is upon us ladies and gentlemen! Yes its HALLOWEEN! I’ve been seeing people all over town slowly becoming their alter egos in various costumes and its only going to get more and more noticeable! Luckily for all you 9-5er’s, the big night in question is on a Saturday so no need […]

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Capitol Hill Housing Presents: Omnivorous!

Could a fundraiser be any tastier!? The fine folks at Capitol Hill Housing invite you to Omnivorous, an event that no one will want to miss! If you’re a foodie and would love to explore more of what Capitol Hill has to offer all in one place, you need to get your ticket to Omnivorous while they […]

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Labor Gay Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend! Labor Gay Weekend!

“Labor Gay”, what I instantaneously came up with when Diva Chavi said, ‘hey gal, how about a blog about things to do for the Labor Day weekend?’ It flew out of my mouth faster than shade at a rival queen on a Saturday night at Purr. Labor Day weekend is coming faster than you know […]

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Drag Tips on Water Conservation

Its been gorgeous. Its been a party. Its been HOT this summer. I know I surely asked the powers that be to make it rain less (or at least while I was commuting) during the winter. Looking back, I shouldn’t have put that out into the universe. Luckily we haven’t had too many water concerns […]

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Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine

Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine The East section of the Pike and Pine corridor of Capitol Hill is about to launch its pilot program that joins what is already working in Portland, Vancouver, NOLA, Memphis, Chicago and Austin and may just become a reality in San Francisco! What might it be like to […]

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The Beauty of Terra Plata!

Among the fabulous new places that have arisen on the hill, Terra Plata continues to be one of my all-time favorites. In what was once an area dominated by an auto body repair shop, changes began several years ago giving way to food, entertainment space, new homes to local business favorites and our very own […]

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Heavy Flow 7-10

DJ Tony Burns + The WildRose = HEAVY FLOW

Have you been to The Wildrose? I surely hope you have, as you are missing out on one of our neighborhood’s, gayborhood’s, dare I say it LESBIHOOD’S best spaces to commune! “A place for women…where all are welcome” and women owned and operated since 1984 sitting at the corner of 11th and Pike featuring such […]

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Tucked away between Panache and Charlie's is HaNa.


I have always had a fondness for Asian foods. I can still remember the places that were the favorites for my family back in Ft Lauderdale and in Fayetteville (the Georgia one). All of the traditional favorites – tho lets face it, it was Americanized, but still delicious. Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest and had […]

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DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition

  DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition Its..BURLESQUE! Now if you’ve only seen the Christina Aguilera/Cher Hollywoodized take on the world of strip tease, you need to check some of these events out. However, I’m giving you the reader the benefit of the doubt that you are probably better versed than that and knowing the community […]

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