DonnaTella Howe

DonnaTella Howe is not only a Diva Dweller but she is also one of Seattle's premier athletic, boxy hipped, blacklisted, tupperware consultant drag queen. Principal performer for Team Diva Real Estate and local Seattle performer having fun being freelance!Miss Gay Seattle 48, Imperial Princess 36 & 37 of Seattle. Hostess. Performer. Kinda dirty, kinda bitchy, all fun. DonnaTella comes from the 'West Wing' ... Donna Moss, her full name was Donnatella. Named by Mark 'MoM' Finley while I was assisting her and hosting her mothers day and birthday shows each year. Howe came across by chance based on the first person who did my first face, which was actually what I call the 'evil boy' just before Donnatella 1.0 came into being. "The Hysteric and Surreal" DonnaTella Howe (Absolut Onassis Peters-Lake Kessler Beebar)

DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition

DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition The Magic of Glo’s Picture it. Seattle. The Hill, 1987! Gloreen Raineri opened Glo’s as a classic breakfast and lunch diner that you might blink and miss if it weren’t for the crowds of people waiting to get in when it’s busy. So much so that they put out […]

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DonnaT & Kimmi V

Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition

OH MY LORT! How did Carrie Bradshaw do it!? I’m keeping it fairly short and sweet this week. I love being busy but I don’t want to drop any of the plates I have spinning! Let’s just get right to it and look at some events, shall we? We are even journeying off the Hill, […]

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