Roy Powell

Roy Powell has been a Seattleite for the past 12 years! For the majority of that, he has lived on Capitol Hill. When looking to buy, sell, or RENT a new home in Seattle, he is your man. When he's not making connections happen, you can find him painting and printmaking in his art studio.

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Pike and Pine West | Old Glory of Capitol Hill

Pike and Pine West, the older brother of the two microhoods. You know that feeling older brothers give off? A sense of sophistication, a sense of reserved order in chaotic surroundings. This is Pike and Pine West. While Pike and Pine East is party town, Pike and Pine West spends the majority of it’s time […]

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Cheap drinks dominate

Pike and Pine East |Bars, Boutiques, Baristas

Pike and Pine East, the younger brother of the Pike/Pine duo. It’s younger, it’s looks better in a suit, and everyone wants to party with Pike/Pine East. Every article written about Seattle’s hipness and hipsterness involves Pike and Pine.  Coffee: Caffe Vita, Porchlight Fancy Drinks: Vermillion, Oddfellows, Tin Table, and Quinn’s. Not so fancy drinks: Comet Tavern, […]

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St Joe's (as the locals call it) Near 19th

19th Ave East | The Backside of the Hill

19th Avenue East, A.K.A. The backside of the “Hill.” This is not where the cool kids live. This is where the people who want a real neighborhood and close proximity to downtown live. Rent is slightly cheaper, homes are slightly larger. Amenities are really great. You won’t even have to stand in line for a […]

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12th Ave E

12th Avenue East – Where do I start? I have a special affinity for 12th Ave because I went to school at Seattle University during the double aughts (2002). When I applied to SU, my highschool friends said that the neighborhood was bad and I would need to call public safety to get to and from class at […]

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