Cal Anderson Park is Seattle’s Central Park

Cal Anderson Park

Water Feature at Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson Park is Seattle’s Central Park.  I’m not talking in terms of size or the amount of attractions, I’m referring the the love and the pride the denizins of Seattle have in their heart for this amazing space. For people like me who love the urban lifestyle, close proximity to local shopstrendy restaurantshot nightlife and fabulous shopping keeps life exciting. Life however is full of trade-offs. The density of living in a city sometimes means we sacrifice outdoor space. When getting fresh air is limited to cracking open a window, or stepping onto a one foot-wide Juliet balcony, being in close proximity to a park this versatile drastically improves the quality of life.

Cal Anderson Park has been a playground for the people of Seattle for over a century. It started off as the Lincoln Reservoir but soon after completion, a park designed by the nationally acclaimed Olmsted Brothers was added. Over the years the park has seen many changes and upgrades. Playgrounds and ball fields were added as usage increased. The reservoir was capped for safety concerns. In 2003 the entire park was named after Washington State’s first openly gay state legislator, Cal Anderson.

Townhomes facing the east side of Cal Anderson Park

Townhomes facing the east side of Cal Anderson Park

The story of the Cal Anderson Park micro-hood is soon to see its newest chapter come to completion. Light rail is coming and with the entrance on the northwestern edge of Cal Anderson Park there will be another positive link keeping this hood flourishing and full of excitement. The variety of apartments, condos, and townhouses provide the area with healthy mix of people from all walks of life. From young families to single college kids the neighborhood never feels static, as there is something here for every lifestyle.

Mural on Link light rail construction at Cal Anderson Park.

Mural on Link light rail construction at Cal Anderson Park.

Local businesses in the surrounding area compliment the lifestyle of living near such a fantastic outdoor space. Stop by Elliott Bay Book Store, pick up a trashy novel and lose yourself under a tree for an afternoon. Honey lavender in a waffle cone is my personal favorite flavor at Molly Moons. Grab the kiddies, get them a sundae and let them terrorize each other in the playground. Or pick up some tunes from Everyday Music. Put your headphones on and rock out as you stroll in the park. Cal Anderson Park is where the Capitol Hill community comes together.

Ball anyone? Hoops, softball, tennis, soccer...

Ball anyone? Hoops, softball, tennis, soccer…

Folks in Seattle are known for our eclectic way of life and Cal Anderson Park is one of the hoops, tennis, soccer or softball areas of the city that showcases our awesome woo woo kind of crazy. If you pick the right day and start walking from the south entrance and work your way to the north end of the park you are liable to catch a dykes vs drag queens game of softball, a bicycle polo match, basketball tournaments, yoga, juggling, and a friendly game of dodgeball.

Get with the program and pack your wig, your Mad Max bike and your imagination and come live in this  amazing hood!