Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo



Capitol Hill Condo Reviews: 1000 Bellevue Place East Condo in the Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue microhood. Here is the deal. We are going to give you five reasons to love the 1000 Bellevue Place East Condos. Frankly there are way more than five reasons. But you only need FIVE good ones to run to this building this weekend. But first off let’s go over a couple of nuggets like the open house schedule!

Open Houses This Weekend July 17th and 18th

More information about Team Diva’s newest Diva Dwelling at the 1000 Bellevue Blvd E >

Now for the Five Reasons To Love This Building

Reason 1: The building is in excellent condition! A couple of years ago the building did a special assessment and re-did all of the siding. They painted the hallways and updated majority of the critical elements in the building. You know how hard this is to find on Capitol Hill?



Reason 2: The common area patio makes spending the summer in this unconditioned environment heavenly. Frankly looking at this photo below I want to grab a french rose and run down to the building. Don’t mind this Diva at your open house!



Reason 3: Most of the units are Townhouse Styles. Meaning your living and bedrooms are on separate levels. Check out the vaulted ceiling for the dining room. Amazing!



Reason 4: You can walk to our favorite eateries at Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue microhood like the Lookout or drink at Sun Liquor. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.51.10 PM


Reason 5: Watch this sassy video with Kim and Chavi from Team Diva Real Estate and you will totally want to head to this fab home this weekend!

Hope to see you around this weekend!