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dth halloween

Looking for a to-do this Halloween?

The gay high holiday is upon us ladies and gentlemen! Yes its HALLOWEEN! I’ve been seeing people all over town slowly becoming their alter egos in various costumes and its only going to get more and more noticeable! Luckily for all you 9-5er’s, the big night in question is on a Saturday so no need […]

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Labor Gay Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend! Labor Gay Weekend!

“Labor Gay”, what I instantaneously came up with when Diva Chavi said, ‘hey gal, how about a blog about things to do for the Labor Day weekend?’ It flew out of my mouth faster than shade at a rival queen on a Saturday night at Purr. Labor Day weekend is coming faster than you know […]

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DonnaT & Kimmi V

Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition

OH MY LORT! How did Carrie Bradshaw do it!? I’m keeping it fairly short and sweet this week. I love being busy but I don’t want to drop any of the plates I have spinning! Let’s just get right to it and look at some events, shall we? We are even journeying off the Hill, […]

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Donnatella’s Dish: April 8-14 Edition!

Donnatella’s Dish April 8-14 There is always something to be doing around the Hill. Some nights might be “slower” than others, but if you leave the safety of your living room and wander about you will find various sized events or gatherings going on that go past just the plain ole “having a nightcap at […]

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The Divas in Front of Their Fav Arts Organization on their Wedding Day

Velocity Dance Center: Your Dance, Your Center

Velocity, eh? Stop. Open the door. Get your bootie on in there and shake it! You? Yes, I’m talking to you. Really. Because Velocity Dance Center isn’t just for dancers. It’s for dancing. And dancing is for everyone. Here’s how widely they construe that term “everyone” at Velocity: I took a hip-hop class there last […]

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Capitol Hill public art

Capitol Hill’s Public Art: Part I

Public art on Capitol Hill? Hm. The plan was for me to take you on a tour of the public art on Capitol Hill, from Isamu Noguchi’s “Black Sun,” past Richard Beyer’s sleeping reader, over Jack Mackie’s inlaid bronze dancing shoe prints on Broadway, and all the way on down to, say, St. Ignatius, whose gorgeous minimalism […]

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