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95 Slide Surrounded by New Construction

Changing Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is changing, no question about it. Very few people are ambivalent to these shifts — they either love it or hate it. Seattle Times reporter Tricia Romano wrote one of the most comprehensive articles about the changing dynamics on the Hill, including interviews with the major players on the Hill. The Capitol Hill blog […]

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If Not Capitol Hill, Where?

If not our beloved Capitol Hill, where? There have been lots of conversations (read: rants) on social media about folks getting “priced out” of Capitol Hill. It is true that as the condo buildings creep closer to the sky, they appear to be dragging rents with them. Clearly, we at Team Diva love Capitol Hill […]

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Watching Seattle Develop From Capitol Hill

Preserving Capitol Hill: A quick guide to battling development angst

When I think about Capitol Hill these days, I think about the neighborhood institutions we’ve lost and the drastic shift in the crowds and nightlife. The visual transformation in its own right is so dramatic that there are corners I stand on, and much like development in South Lake Union, find myself completely lost without […]

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