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Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium

Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium Building! There are many nice condos on the hill but not all of them have that special combination of views, private decks, gas range stoves, walk-in closets, and a killer location just North of Olive! Hands down we adore walking the North of Olive and Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue hoods. One of […]

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10 Dining04

Small Space Design That Works

Small spaces that work are all the rage these days. Less is more, simple, streamlined, efficient design is freeing. Have you seen Tiny, the documentary about the dude who built his own tiny house? Living small is the thing to do these days. How do you find small space design that works? This is nothing new. […]

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DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition

DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition The Magic of Glo’s Picture it. Seattle. The Hill, 1987! Gloreen Raineri opened Glo’s as a classic breakfast and lunch diner that you might blink and miss if it weren’t for the crowds of people waiting to get in when it’s busy. So much so that they put out […]

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Analog Coffee, Seattle

North of Olive

North of Olive is a sleeper neighborhood. Let me be clear: not SLEEPY but sleeper. It sneaks up on you, the diamond in the rough. If you stop long enough to find the gems tucked away on side streets, or explore those storefronts you typically whiz by in your car. It’s urban, gritty and edgy […]

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Pretty Party in the Heart of the Olive Way Community

North of Olive: A Homey Neighborhood

  Hello from Analog Coffee, in the heart of No’Olive, where the coffee is thoughtfully delicious, the tunes come from the house record player, and the comic books and newspapers are waiting for you (yes, you!) to take a break. North of Olive is not exactly a destination neighborhood. The gorgeous mansions are farther north, […]

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