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Slushy in Seattle: Boozy Frozen Bevvies to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s hard to want to be anywhere else but Seattle in summer. Mild, beautiful weather, long days and water in every direction provide abundant opportunity to relax outdoors without overheating, while the rest of the country languishes in high temperatures and humidity. But then, some summers we really swelter, and those who have become acclimated […]

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Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks

How to Spend the Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks It seems that people are drawn to properties with rooftop decks, but few residents actually use these amenities. Why is that? It certainly isn’t that we don’t like being “high” or on top of things. It also can’t be a fear of communal spaces; our […]

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If Not Capitol Hill, Where?

If not our beloved Capitol Hill, where? There have been lots of conversations (read: rants) on social media about folks getting “priced out” of Capitol Hill. It is true that as the condo buildings creep closer to the sky, they appear to be dragging rents with them. Clearly, we at Team Diva love Capitol Hill […]

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Capitol Hill's very own Cal Anderson Park in the Summer

Top Reasons to Move to Capitol Hill

Want to know the top reasons to Move to Capitol Hill here in Seattle? The folks at Team Diva Real Estate have the answers for you. Our DivaHQ has been buying, selling, and renting real estate on Capitol Hill for over 15 years. And before that we were a bunch of baby gays and hipsters living […]

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