Heavy Flow 7-10

DJ Tony Burns + The WildRose = HEAVY FLOW

Heavy Flow 7-10

Have you been to The Wildrose? I surely hope you have, as you are missing out on one of our neighborhood’s, gayborhood’s, dare I say it LESBIHOOD’S best spaces to commune! “A place for women…where all are welcome” and women owned and operated since 1984 sitting at the corner of 11th and Pike featuring such weekly favorites as ‘Taco Tuesday’ and one of the weekend kickoff nights that happen monthly. I’m here to discuss with you today ‘Heavy Flow’ with DJ Tony Burns!

Tony is a feature in DivaLand having presided over the musical needs of many an event for Kim and Chavi. He’s also the resident DJ for Sylvia O’Stayformore with ‘Bacon Strip’. A strong community advocate, he has donated his time for many charity events including fundraisers for Camp Ten Trees, Seattle PrideFest, and Seattle Counseling Services, among others.

His tenure at the Wildrose started back in 2010 with DJ LA Kendall working together on the then known ‘LezBro’ and upon Kendall’s later departure as she is one busy woman – Tony took on the night himself and began his rebranding. From the beginning the intention for the night was to create a safe place for queer people to come together to dance, laugh, and have a good time. Continuing on that path and giving himself a chance to take in the bar, its patrons and their preferences, ‘Heavy Flow’ was born!

He was raised by women, his sister is a lesbian, he’s a strong proponent for queer rights, his heroes are mostly if not all women (Madonna, Hilary Clinton, Tina Turner, Sigourney Weaver, Rachel Maddow and so on) and the name came from wanting to stand out in the events that happen monthly on the hill (ahem: Dick Slap) while also being something women identified with albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner but it mainly is about the style of music. You can see his love of and influence by powerful, amazing women in each of his posters that come out to promote each month. From Ellen Ripley (c’mon facehuggers!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michelle Rodriguez, Wonder Woman and this queens personal fave, Xena!! All women and all his heroes! This month is no exception and that is one EPIC poster!

You can catch him this month with special guest Spray Jay, who just helped with this year’s Divas Take The Hill. Another reason why you need to go out to this fab event, Spray Jay is a drag king/celebrity impersonator that will put the smoothest of spells on you. His performing is phenomenal and I can only imagine what magic will be woven!

Cover is $3, the drinks will help put you in the groove (if you need an assist) and the tunes will be stellar. You might even catch me there, shaking the week off!

Heavy Flow is 2nd Fridays, Tony also does FLY GIRL on 4th Fridays which is an OLD SKOOL night. Anything from early 2000’s and before will be in the mix!

Get yourself together, call your haus/posse/besties and get over to the Wildrose for ‘Heavy Flow’. You WON’T be sorry!