DonnaT & Kimmi V

Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition

OH MY LORT! How did Carrie Bradshaw do it!? I’m keeping it fairly short and sweet this week. I love being busy but I don’t want to drop any of the plates I have spinning! Let’s just get right to it and look at some events, shall we? We are even journeying off the Hill, I know, don’t be scared. I’ll guide you! Here’s Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition!

Wednesday, April 15:DonnaT & Kimmi V

  • Gay Uncle Time! GAY UNCLE TIME! Do you not know who Jeffrey Robert is!? I absolutely adore him. He’s a fantastic comedian, one of the best conversationalists I’ve met in a long while, someone I will perform anywhere/time/place for. This intimate show is themed, historical and the performers come from the stand up, burlesque, drag and whatever other backgrounds/disciplines that Jeffrey feels like tapping into to make the most of his unique and highly artistic storytelling. Join the magic at the the Grotto at Rendezvous (Oo Belltown!) at 7pm. Check it out here.
  • Since you’ll be down in Belltown and heading back to our fair hamlet of ‘the Hill’ why not stop by ArtHaus! From the invite itself, ‘Arthaus: Drag Haus Battle Royale brings you the Thunderdome of Drag Battles where two Hauses enter and one Haus leaves with bragging rights and $100 in cash and prizes! The winning Haus also moves on to the Finale Round 1 on May 6th. The winner of the Championship Round on June 3rd wins the opportunity to perform at the Qulture Qreative stage at the Seattle Pride 2015 Seattle PrideFest!!’ $5 cover after 9pm with a Queer cinema happy hour from 8-10 pm – they kinda have it all, giving Seattle its own taste of ‘Paris is Burning’. The other two fabulous things about this night are Maison de la Bete and Kremwork. Cherry and Dita have formulated one wacky flashy awesome family from whence was a mother-daughter duo. Kremwork is in the same building/block as ReBar but its on the backside AND below the other venue. It’s a really cool space and there’s are a whole universe of events to check out – so do it! More Event Info Here!

Friday, April 17:

  • I told ya’ll we were going to be leaving the hill this edition and BOY ARE WE. Cucci Binaca set sail and (also in part to her muggle job) went in search of new territory for performing and came upon Bremerton. Oh boy does Bremerton love Cucci and gang! CUCCI’S CAKE BATTER is all the rage! The short and sweet of it all is: drag performances, competitive eating, stiff drinks (I also hear tell they’re way cheap) and CAKE. $5 for general admission and $10 for VIP reservations – yes you need to make reservations for this show by calling Papa’s in Bremerton. Showtime is 8pm and Lord help you from there, but you’ll come out the other side…end..having had a great time and probably wiping icing or something else off your face. Also! Cucci is the newly crowned Miss Bacon Strip – more on that later this month!

Sunday, April 19:

  • If you want to see more house (haus?) battle royale in the style of ‘Paris is Burning’ this is the event to top off your week/end of all things glam! Cathedral XI: Spring Drag Ball is where it’s at! A little bit from the book of faces invite, ‘The Cathedral Drag Ball is back and SHE IS THIRSTY! Enter to walk in the ball and work for the money like the rent was due TONIGHT. Snatch titles, Collect trophies, and battle for Belle of the Ball.’ With categories like ‘Flora and Fauna’, ‘High Drag Deliverance’ & ‘Project QUEEN’ you know you’re in for some great show! Judges panel, performances, DJs, prizes and trophies. All of the visions in my head of what could possibly go down are just so swirly and whirly I can hardly contain myself! Doors at 8PM, show starts at 10PM.