DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition

DonnaTella’s Dish | April 21st Edition

The Magic of Glo’s

Glo's Cafe, slightly quieter during daylight hours.

Glo’s Cafe, slightly quieter during daylight hours.

Picture it. Seattle. The Hill, 1987! Gloreen Raineri opened Glo’s as a classic breakfast and lunch diner that you might blink and miss if it weren’t for the crowds of people waiting to get in when it’s busy. So much so that they put out plastic chairs for people to sit on either sides of the sidewalk awaiting their table. Located on Olive Way, within the same block as the Stumbling Monk, Chopsticks (now Blue Stone) and all presided over by Captain Black’s it gives and ties together the neighborhood feel. Glo’s warmth and hospitality can still be felt in the establishment as she’s also watching you from her glamour shot on the wall and photo in the menu, which also pays homage to another local regular. There are also many local awards, nods from foodie magazines, holiday cards, cute humorous customer artworks, original promotional art from Seattle productions (The Men’s Chorus and Nutcracker) and even Christopher Walken invites you in. Because at Glo’s ‘Walkens are welcome!’ – They also don’t take reservations…so, yeah, SORRY!

As she did in the beginning, cooking is done from scratch, using quality ingredients to create fresh homemade specialties. The ambiance is very much a ‘diner’ and much to my chagrin reminds me of the places I once frequented with my family (especially my late father and godfather) in Ft Lauderdale and Brooklyn. To say there is ‘nothing special’ about the mugs, dishes or flatware is to be so very wrong. It has its own special charm. You’re seated in sometimes fairly close quarters, the staff have made the best use of space they can and seat everyone accordingly. It’s almost like being at home in your breakfast nook or dining area just off from the kitchen. Familial,cozy and easy to carry on a conversation – sometimes spanning a few tables.

I’ve had my odd moment or two going for traditional breakfast/brunch during the week when something with my muggle job made it possible to go. Going on the weekend day however, has not been the case. I leave it to those brave folks who even today were sitting in those plastic stackable chairs awaiting their table having their Starbucks or Analog coffee (or whomever). So why, do you ask, am I writing about Glo’s?

FOR THE LATE NIGHT HOURS! A couple of years ago the staff, whom also took over the joint after Glo passed away and have run it the same ever since, announced late night hours. Every Friday and Saturday, they open at the stroke of midnight and run until 4pm the next day! Now now, I know, we have had and lost the Hurricane, we have 5 point and have gained Lost Lake and they were and all fab places for late night and overnight eats. HOWEVER, nothing is like the magic of Glo’s. For a bunch of us glittery performance types (read: the queens, kings, burlesquers and such as) that I run with, there is always someone who will utter that spell that caps off a night out bar crawling, dick slapping or performing, ‘do you want to go to Glo’s?’ The answer is always yes. ALWAYS! I’ve been in drag, out of drag, half drag, boy mode – I don’t even care. Whateva works!

C'mon in and let Calie take care of you!

C’mon in and let Calie take care of you!

You never know what’s will be going down. Sometimes it’s the quiet chatter of the late night/early morning catch up and retelling of the nights adventures. Sometimes its boisterous and entertaining involving performers and characters of the hill and beyond, you just never know. What I do love most about going during said hours is getting to see my favorite waitress Calie, she is just beyond. Also she is a marvelous dancer whom you can catch at various Velocity shows and events. In these overnight hours, serving boozy and faded faces, she is the gliding, smiling, sassy, helpful and ever so lovely lady that makes all your early breakfast dreams come true. She knows me so well that most of the time she will put a menu down in front of me and pick it back up reciting my order – sometimes taking a wild crack at the few alternate choices I may go for depending on the night. Dare I say it, she could be the late night Glo (I’d never met the real deal and I wish I had). I’ve honestly never had one bad meal or experience at this Capitol Hill institution. The food is delish, the specials are rotating, the prices are fair, the coffee is wonderful. Long live Glo’s and A plusses all around! Now get yourselves there asap!