Donnatella’s Dish: April 8-14 Edition!

1026069_10200131653281385_101600811_oDonnatella’s Dish April 8-14

There is always something to be doing around the Hill. Some nights might be “slower” than others, but if you leave the safety of your living room and wander about you will find various sized events or gatherings going on that go past just the plain ole “having a nightcap at *insert bar here*”.

Karaoke is a big thing, some bars have it on a designated night earlier in the week. Their slow night if you will. Then there is the Crescent! They have karaoke practically every night of the week! I once read in the Stranger that this so tragic is fabulous gay joint sat atop an entrance to the Hellmouth and that if a certain local talent continued to sing, hell wouldn’t open up on earth. However, we aren’t here to talk about karaoke, that was just a teaser for whats to come.
Giving a look out, I’m hoping to spotlight some fabulous events that I enjoy going to, or know that you should check out. I’m even going to stretch my horizons and really get all up in em! For this week, however, here are some picks that I love. Some are my own, because, they’re fun and I love them. Trust and believe the love will be shared, all over this town!
  • Wednesday April 8: Donnatella Vs Humanity and Pulse! From the block that brought you Cha Cha, Bus Stop, Bimbos, Manray and Kincora is now home to a fancy schmancy gym (eye candy), a pretty fabulous living space (my friends unit is TO DIE FOR) and 500 EAST! Once called ‘World of Beer’ the gang over at 500 East realized they opened a conservative Floridian chain here in the good ole gay dist of Seattle and promptly queered out and made some changes. Every Wednesday at 7:30PM, you can come with some friends and play as a team or by yourself and try to score some points playing Cards Against Humanity against me! I also pick some random trivia for a special round. Prizes are for best team name and overall winner, courtesy of 500 East. So far its been a lot of fun and who doesn’t love CAH!? Its been a fun time so far, relaxed hang out with some hilarity thrown in for good measure. No buy in, no cover!
  • If you’re a Wednesday night party hopper or one of my underage readers or know someone who is and needs to find some fun LGBT youth space, we have Pulse at Neighbours!  Hosted by Miss Gay Seattle Drew Paradisco and Queen of the Seas Jessica Paradisco, they get the party going at 9PM and performances are at midnight! Usually with special guest, this weeks is Shelita Potroast, it really is a fabulous and fun time! We lack some good youth space in the city and this has been the longest running 18+ LGBT youth night that I know of. They even have the upstairs bar roped off for the 21+ set who want to go see their friends or favorite queens work the room. Under 21 – FREE before 10:30; $5 after, Over 21 – Free.
  • Thursday April 9: Sugar Beat at Baltic Room! Once upon a time I was put in the captain’s chair of Thursday nights at this long running and handsomely remodeled Seattle establishment. Nowadays Isaac Scott and Sinfinite Events team is keeping the party going with all sorts of fun that you just have to check out! Its the best way to say hello to the weekend and goodbye to the work week. Thurs is the new Friday! The Sinfinite team is always cooking up some fun: money grabs, spin the shot to balloon drops, you never know what’s going to happen but I assure you you’ll like it! Cover is $3
  • Friday April 10: Shade at The Eagle! OPULENT // QUEER \\ EMPIRE. This is a club night for queers, and their peoples. A safe space on the Hill. A dark, dirty, divey situation. A body-positive exhibition. Dress-up, dress-down; you do you. Find your spot in the Shade. Their words, not mine. I liked how they put it and had to share that onward. The Eagle was not exactly the place to go for many types of individuals back in the early days of my gay career (see: when was first out, newly 21 and NOT a drag queen) even court queens I’ve come to know and love have said the same thing. It harkens back to the day when the bar scene was so different and everyone had their niche places to be. Along came the big shake up (another topic for later) and such groups as Butch Queen, Riff Raff and Nark Magazine. They have taken the Eagle and other venues and spun them on their head. I have enjoyed many an evening at Shade among the other events in this family of events. I think you will too. Cover is $5 before 10 and $7 after.
  • Saturday April 11: Bacon Strip at Theatre Off Jackson! This is a must see event, ALWAYS AND FOREVER! I love Bacon Strip, it has gone from ReBar to Chop Suey to the old and long dead Broadway Grill to the Theatre Off Jackson. Some of Seattle’s most interesting and fairly crazy talent takes the stage to turn all manner of performance into something you’ll be asking yourself, ‘what did I just see?’ while taking photos of it for posterity on your phone. This special evening is especially special as its MISS BACON STRIP! Bobbi Jo Blessings is stepping down and its time to crown a new crazy queen, this years group just proves that its going to be a battle royale with what I assume will be outrageous costumes and performances that will entertain and possibly disgust in the most fabulous way possible. Guest judges from across the realm (myself included)! Plus as always BACON! Tickets are $15 and door is 10 PM.
  • Tuesday April 12: Balls Out Bingo at 95Slide! Every Tuesday at 7pm (we start around 730 or so) I’m calling balls for 5 rounds of bingo and raising funds for a different local LGBT non-profits here in Seattle! Another event within the Sinfinite family of events, bingo isn’t just for the seniors or school age types. We give out tickets to various events from around town and even some of the more coveted and special ones like the recent Pink Party during ComicCon! There is no cover but each bingo card is a buck, the more you buy the more chances you have to win!
Whew! There’s much to see and do around town and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check these out, send me some feedback! Or let me know if there’s something you’d like me to see and share!