Drag Tips on Water Conservation


Its been gorgeous. Its been a party. Its been HOT this summer. I know I surely asked the powers that be to make it rain less (or at least while I was commuting) during the winter. Looking back, I shouldn’t have put that out into the universe. Luckily we haven’t had too many water concerns until now. As of this week, it has become necessary for us to plan ahead just like the folks at Seattle Public Utilities did this past winter when they set us up with extra water reserves. Because, ENDLESS SUMMER seems to be here!

We only need to conserve 10% of our water usage per person, you know that’s almost kid’s stuff.

Remember back in the days of elementary school when conservation, recycling and such as became big curriculum? Of course you’d have to have been a kid of the 80s/early 90s for that to be a thing – its commonplace today. Back when Captain Planet was new and showing kids weekly how to take care of Mother Earth, the ultimate throwback.

Here are some ideas on how we can save water around here on the hill. Some of us here in Divaland have been kicking them back and forth seeing what works, tweaking what doesn’t and having a good time thinking up some creative new ways to save water.

Because of course a drag queen would come up with some entertaining ways to save water amirite?

  • Save A Server – They Don’t Need to Be At Your Beck and Call for Water You Will Never Drink! – its there, its free, but why not say ‘no thank you’? Especially if you’re going to be ordering something else to sip during your meal. Besides its a twofer, you’re saving water AND you won’t have your server hovering to refill your glasses every 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. I’ve literally been in that situation where the server must not have enough to do that they constantly were popping by to refill my water glass. Mere sips were taken and BAM… full again.
  • Ice Just Dilutes the Booze – Ice somewhat compounds with the water glass, but this one goes way back to my childhood. If your drink comes with ice, you’re paying for ice and whatever fills in the gaps to quench your thirst. Less ice, more drink, save water and get your money’s worth!
  • Shower Less – first off, ya’ll know that we got duped way back when into showering every day, right? Yes, I do love a nice shower, but its better to take care of what you need when you need it and do a full on shower every couple days. Your skin will thank you. Believe me, I can take up to two showers around a gig and sometimes I cut corners due to running behind – wash cloth wipe down and a sink shave!
  • Shower with a Buddy – ALSO. As they say (whoever “they” are) ‘use the buddy system!’ Shower with a buddy, your spouse, your lover, that person you met off whatever app or craigslist. If its gonna happen, might as well have fun with it! I myself have a dual headed shower in my Diva Dwelling *hint hint*.
  • Nature Calls – the old adage of ‘If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, flush it down.’ doesn’t just have to apply to times like this. HOWEVER. I was shown this when it first came out back in 2009 and clearly Brazil was getting ahead of the curve in promoting saving water by peeing in the shower. That’s right folks! Peeing in the shower, I’m not judging but lets go to the tape so you can enjoy this gem yourself…

Pee During Shower (english subtitles) from on Vimeo.

Hysterically on point, Brazil made the perfect message to promote a way of helping save water. There are a multitude of ways we can work together and ourselves to conserve water in this time of self management. Luckily we are not in a more dire situation, all thanks to the folks at Seattle Public Utilities  so lets do our part and save that 10% of water they need of us and party on!