Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium


Five Reasons to Love THREE19 Summit Condominium Building! There are many nice condos on the hill but not all of them have that special combination of views, private decks, gas range stoves, walk-in closets, and a killer location just North of Olive!

Hands down we adore walking the North of Olive and Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue hoods. One of our favorite buildings in this area is the THREE19 Summit condos. Very rarely does anything come for sale in the building. People who buy in the THREE19 STAY in the building. The views, the quality of the HOA board, and more importantly the location!

Let’s do this – Five Reasons to Adore THREE19 Summit

Reason 1: Views of the City of Seattle Skyline



Reason 2: The Kitchens – GAS Range stove in an a very efficient layout!

Reason 3: A Real Private Deck!

Reason 4: The walk-in closets – every Diva needs organization!

Reason 5:
Location – who doesn’t love stepping out of your building and enjoying Analog Coffee?