in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle

Harvard/Belmont: Hello, Luxury!

Checking out the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood, eh? Nice.

If you’re going to buy a house here, please invite me to your house-warming party?

In my 25 years as a Seattlite, I’ve only been in one of these elite residences. No kidding: there was an antique cane collection in the “elegantly appointed” dining room. And, no kidding: that cane collection was really worth looking at.

So who lives here in this landscaped gorgeousness, where the trees are so beautifully old? I know that for a while, the directors of some of our large arts organizations lived up here. And, who else? Maybe…you?

Imagine living in the Harvard Beauty above!

Or, imagine coming home to the 1909 concrete Sam Hill mansion around the corner. You won’t need to look at your Rolex to see if you’re late for dinner because you have your own sundial. (According to Northwest Sundials (really? who knew?), it’s the oldest sundial in our city and can be as much as 20 minutes late.) Perhaps you’ll stop to collect your mail in your fancy mailbox? And will you walk up your regal stairway, or stand, first, to look dreamily at your South Lake Union view before going inside?

The Sam Hill House in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle

The Sam Hill mansion in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle. Check out the view: even on a gray day it’s beautiful. (Rosie Gaynor photo)

If you’re looking for a home that won’t require the contents of three furniture stores to furnish it, you might try across the street at Harvard & Highland. (According to their website, there’s only one home left: Penthouse 8, $1,890,000. I know a great team of real estate agents if you need one!) All things considered, from my perspective as an outsider-walker-gawker, this modern condo complex fits into the neighborhood pretty well, with its brick gate, curved balconies, and landscaped courtyard. Check out the cool art at the end of the path.

in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle

The Harvard & Highland condos have a pretty courtyard (Rosie Gaynor photo)

 If H&H’s courtyard isn’t cloistered enough for you, one minute away in your Mercedes-Benz on 10th is St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral. I usually just drive by and wonder at its boxy, 1931 hugeness. But the other day I drove into the parking lot to check out the St. Mark’s Greenbelt Walking Trail—for you, dear readers. It turns out that one can access the trail from the church’s back parking lot.

I don’t know… The trail looked steep and difficult and lonely to me. And the highway traffic from the trailhead is really loud. I’ve been watching too many police procedurals; this trail did not tempt me for a walk. Not even for you. If you go someday, let us know what it’s like!

St Mark's - the back parking lot and the entrance to the walking trail (in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle)

In the back parking lot of St. Mark’s you’ll find the entrance to a walking trail (in Harvard/Belmont, Seattle; photos by Rosie Gaynor)

Supposedly, the trail chutes out on Lakeview Boulevard at the bottom of the hill. I wish I weren’t such a lazy wimp, because I would like to see the triangular 1958 Egan House that I’ve heard is on this path. From Google Maps it looks like you can almost see it from the street? Whatever: here’s a blog post about someone who rented this sharp-looking home…and there are pictures of the inside too. Very cool!

Over the years there have been a few concerts at St. Mark’s that I’ve wanted to attend. According to their website, their regular programming includes a high proportion of organ action and, every Sunday night at 9:30pm, compline. Really every Sunday night. Like, 57 years worth of Sunday nights, supposedly. From the King 5 video , it looks like a very Seattle way to commune with the divine: anything goes, everyone is welcome, come as you are, go ahead and lie down on the floor to take it all in.

Screen shot from a KING 5 video of compline at St. Mark's in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle

Screen shot from a KING 5 video of compline at St. Mark’s in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle


St. Mark’s compline is probably something every Seattleite ought to think about experiencing at least once. I heard a woman talking about it at my gym the other day: “I haven’t been there since college. I think I need to go back. Now would be a good time.” I asked her if it was creepy because, you gotta admit, from the screen shot above, with no context, it could look a little creepy. She said it was lovely, actually—a great experience. Something she wished she went to often.

Which would be super easy if she lived in this neighborhood, next-door to…you?

(Don’t forget: I have a standing RSVP in for your housewarming party. I’ll wear my fancy dress! And if you have a cane collection, I’ll be happy to admire it.)