Tucked away between Panache and Charlie's is HaNa.


Tucked away between Panache and Charlie's is HaNa.

Tucked away between Panache and Charlie’s is HaNa.

I have always had a fondness for Asian foods. I can still remember the places that were the favorites for my family back in Ft Lauderdale and in Fayetteville (the Georgia one). All of the traditional favorites – tho lets face it, it was Americanized, but still delicious. Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest and had a little culture shock when I was not used to some of the preparation that was so very different from what I grew up eating. There may or may not have been a shouting match with my mom over not wanting to eat dinner because I just couldn’t take the look of the meal. Happily I grew out of that!

Our part of the US gives us access to great seafood and so many more options of Asian cuisine than I ever saw on the East Coast! As well as so many other wonderful things, we live in an awesome place! So of course if you haven’t figured it out, I’m combining the two and either introducing you to or just reminding you to Ha Na.

Where as my family had their favorite places for us to eat back in the day, Ha Na is my favorite now that I’m living on my own. Of all of the Japanese/sushi joints that I’ve been to in the area, I will always go back there and its always my first choice. I heart Ha Na.

Sitting right on Broadway in ‘The Alley’ if you’ve ever noticed that sign. Took me using Google image and street view search to nail it down, hah! You know the place, the building between Panache and Charlie’s. With shops and restaurants all nestled in. Ha Na is right on the street, you could almost walk past it.

Such a wonderful, no frills place. Going in feels quaint and familiar, the staff certainly makes you feel like you’re family. I know they may not know my name but some have certainly seemed to remember who I am which is lovely. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch their master make all the rolls, sashimi and such as. Or pick a table as indicated by the host on the first floor. Sometimes they use the upstairs seating when its especially full leading to an even more private experience in the loft space above. Take a look at the exposed bricks in the walls and you’ll see years upon years of fortunes that are sitting between the bricks. Its like Capitol Hill’s own gum wall in fortunes!

Their sashimi is to die for! I will always get a cup of miso soup with every meal. I love miso and their’s is just

It's nondescript, but don't let this "hole in the wall" fool you! It's divine!

It’s nondescript, but don’t let this “hole in the wall” fool you! It’s divine!

perfect with the cloudiness boiling like your own personal baby storm cloud, sometimes if the table and cup are just right the heat/moisture will make your cup dance across your table slightly. SCIENCE! Try out their chicken katsu (like a chicken cutlet) which is an all time favorite of mine, but I’ve since become quite addicted to their katsudon (pork cutlet on a bed of rice and smothered in ‘egg mixture’) it is heaven. I also adore their spicy tuna rolls and spider rolls. Growing up the idea of eating soft shell crab (shell and all!?) made me cringe and oh how wrong I was. Yum yum YUM!

They do dine in and take out, I’ve done both and have no complaints, always ready in a timely manner. Prices are wonderfully fair and you can easily go with a friend or two and have a shared meal of plates by ordering a few things. Depending on your feelings behind the term “hole in the wall joint” you may or may not like me calling Ha Na that, but growing up my father used that as connotation of his favorite places. Ones you go with friends for a good time, a good chat and a pleasant meal. Ha Na is just that. You will always feel like you’re in your own world there and will have smiling helpful service to get you set on your own dining adventure! Enjoy!