Interlaken | Part of East Capitol Hill


Interlaken | A wooden oasis in the middle of the City

At the north end of Capitol Hill, you can find the Interlaken microhood – a completely residential neighborhood with old Seattle homes and beautiful, wild parks. The Interlaken microhood may be dominated by Interlaken and Louisa Boren parks, but it’s also home to some of Seattle’s oldest and grandest homes. It’s even rumored that one of the houses bordering this hood on the east used to be a brothel!

There are some architectural gems hidden in the winding streets on the north end of Interlaken. The beautiful and stately St. Demetrios Greek Othodox Church houses Seattle’s oldest Greek Othodox congregation. Bordering Interlaken Park itself is the Seattle Hebrew Academy, a private K-8 school housed in a multi-story brick building surrounded by evergreens and shade trees alike. Although the north end of the Interlaken microhood slopes down overlooking the Montlake Cut, the south end is on the flat of Capitol Hill proper. This top area of Interlaken is filled with amazing old homes and apartment buildings which are only a short distance from the 15th and 19th Avenue microhoods and their plethora of excellent cafes and restaurants.

The trails in Interlaken Park are custom-made for walking, hiking, and biking, and the latter part is no accident. Before Seattle streets were turned into parking lots by over-congestion, Interlaken Boulevard was a “bike and buggy path” connecting Capitol Hill and Lake Washington (fun facts like this can be found on the Seattle Parks and Recreation page). The quiet beauty you find in this city wilderness of evergreens and ferns makes it one of the prettiest walkable microhoods on Capitol Hill. And after a stroll in this city wilderness, it’s just a short drive to Café Lago in Montlake where you can dine on pizza or pasta made fresh in house every day. Mangia!