DonnaTella's Got Your Weekly Dish

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish”

DonnaTella Howe Performing at the Divas Wedding at Velocity Dance Center on the Hill

DonnaTella Howe Performing at the Divas Wedding at Velocity Dance Center on the Hill

Introducing the “DonnaTella Dish” to our Move to Capitol Hill community. Join us every week as DonnaTella dishes on what to go see and do in our favorite Gayborhood. Capitol Hill’s Gayborhood has not disappeared you just don’t know where to go. Starting next week DonnaTella will be giving the hot list of the best nights to go out, where to go, and which shows are worth your hard earned dollars.

Below is a sassy note from our mistress of the Gayborhood

Well hey, hi, how are ya and hello!? I’m very excited to be blogging for Team Diva as apart of their Move to Capitol Hill site as I’m one of their Diva Dwellers here on the hill! You may have seen me around at various shows/venues, hosting events for the gals or in such films as
‘Diva Fourth of July’,

‘A Very Framily Diva Thanksgiving’,

‘Capitol Hill’s Microhood: North of Olive’

among others. If you haven’t checked out the Divas on youtube, You must!
I really do love living where I do and all that the hill has to offer!
Capitol Hill is the Manhattan of Seattle,
there is so much to do by way of shows, food, art, community events and its only getting better. Being Seattle’s premier athletic, boxy hipped, blacklisted, tupperware consultant drag queen does mean that “I get around” and there is so much that I hope to highlight in my blog articles. I’ll be your Rick Steves or your Barefoot Contessa of the hill.
With my ties in the burlesque community and with the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, I hope to bring some historical perspective to our fabulous neighborhood. Giving some perspective on the landscape, who was who and what was what! I’m also cooking up some fun interviews with local personalities and talent, some you may have heard about and some you should be! There may even be a bear hunt or two!
Think of me as your cruise director (in every sense of the word), guiding you on your way into exploring this great Place in Seattle that has been evolving and will continue to do so. I’m looking forward to blogging about new and exciting things that even I hadn’t seen or known about and I hope you too will find some of the same.
Let have some fun and explore, shall we!?
XO, Donnatella Howe