Labor Gay Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend! Labor Gay Weekend!

“Labor Gay”, what I instantaneously came up with when Diva Chavi said, ‘hey gal, how about a blog about things to do for the Labor Day weekend?’ It flew out of my mouth faster than shade at a rival queen on a Saturday night at Purr. Labor Day weekend is coming faster than you know it and I’ve found some events that I think you should check out of if you don’t have plans. Or need back up plans. Or just aren’t following social media to see that there are some awesome events happening!

But first, let’s ease on into this Labor Day weekend post with some traditional favorites. Its been a fairly glorious summer, even with the slight water concerns (did you conserve your 10%?) and hotter than normal temperatures. Yeah, its been a new kind of summer for us here in Seattle, but honestly, I’ve seen more of ya’ll posting from the nude beaches, Madison Beach, off the sides of boats and walking about Capitol Hill in all variation of scantily clad so quit your kvetching!

Beaches and Boating! I have missed out on both to be honest, I’ve been a little busy. Tho not this Busy, she’s always the busiest. You can hit Madison Beach, Golden Gardens or Alki Beach just to name a few to carve out a spot for the day to soak up sun and enjoy the local fare. Not to mention some of the places to lay out in the buff if that’s your jam. Denny-Blaine park and Howell Beach come up a lot in my social feeds and there is an oasis in the Arboretum where you can lay out as the powers that be intended!  Or maybe you have the lucky contact of knowing someone with a boat who’s practically parked each and everyday out in Gay Bay (Andrews Bay) on Lake Washington. These are probably the best options for having a nice, relaxing holiday weekend spending the least amount of money.

BBQs! Potentially an additional option once you’ve soaked up enough lazy time out on or by the water. Whether you or your friends rent or own in Seattle, its not uncommon to have roof access and amenities to party with some gorgeous views. I can’t even recall the total number of places I’ve been to for an event that were set on a rooftop looking out over our gorgeous city. This too can be done on the cheap, especially with awesome friends who like to cook as well! Spend the end of summer above the city with good food, great friends and whatever else you might like.

Now onto some events! Some local and a couple abroad, it is a holiday weekend after all. I’ll be spending my holiday up in Anchorage for the third Labor Day weekend in a row, it’ll be fun and gorgeous but I digress..

Staycation in Seattle! You’ve beached, boated and BBQ’d or are or will. I’ve got some drag, burlesque and a dance party you can throw into the mix and guess what. THEY’RE ALL ON DIFFERENT NIGHTS. In fact if you wanted to you could hit each of these and have your Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings all set with a different event. I highly recommend it!

ArtHaus - LBD

Saturday 9/5: ARTHAUS 2.0! Last year, the masterminds from Maison de la Bête came up with ArtHaus to showcase the various drag hauses in Seattle, pitting them against one another in areas such as look and performance leading up to the crowning of one winner. The first season ended with Waffle Haus and Haus of Tree going head to head for the win – until they shocked everyone and became Haus of Keebler and took the crown together! The Keebler’s have taken on season two and are ready to make magic happen once again! Join them at Kremwerk, the theme of the evening is ‘PARTY!’ and the Hauses of Paradisco, 10 and 6 and the Markos compete for round one. The only group I’m not well versed in is 10 & 6 but I’m sure all three are going to bring their best and having watched the Keeblers slowly roll out their photo shoot for this season’s antics its been like watching promos for a twisted, glamorous Sex and The City ad campaign. They will also be featuring photo works from Leanna Karg & Bob Knoxious as well as visual artist Katie Wright with pieces that will be for sale!

Bottom Forty

Sunday 9/6: Bottom Forty BOAT PARTY! Kevin Kauer aka DJ Nark has given new life to The Eagle with his bevy of events ranging from make out parties to competing queens to a gaymers dream come true and so on.

“Bottom Forty is a queer powered, dance-centric, multi-media art project and sensory enhancing party for everyone brought to you by Nark, Riff-Raff, Pavone, Hyasynth and Spaceotter, Bottom Forty is a mirror ball in New York, a basement in Chicago, a cruise in L.A. and a night in the desert.”

He’s been conquering the waterways of Lake Union and Washington with the Islander Yacht taking guests out for party cruises with all the fixings and this one looks like its going to be dark and sexy instead of stormy!


Revelry - LBD

Monday 9/7: RevelryIf you’ve kept up with our blog, you’ve seen my previous blog mentioning Revelry. Seattle’s only Monday night burlesque revue featuring fresh faces and local established talent of our oh so sparkly burlesque community. These fab folks shimmy and shake for you at the Naked City Brewery and Taphouse and this coming show looks like one you won’t want to miss! Brews and burlesque, you can look forward to being entertained by Chesty LaRue, Ruby Rounds, Sabina Soubrette, Trixie Paprika and emceed by Team Diva favorite Al Lykya from this year’s Divas Take the Hill! They have two different ticket levels based on the seating you’d like to enjoy. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you’ve not gotten out to enjoy our burlesque scene, YOU MUST AND YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

Getting the heck outta Dodge!  I managed to come across two Labor Day weekend events that should be fun to hit up if you’re wanting to leave town. Who doesn’t love a little exploration and adventure!? It is a holiday weekend afterall..

Saturday 9/5: Divas of the LoungeTake a trip out to the Hi-Fidelity Lounge in Bremerton. I know what you might be thinking, Bremerton. Listen, this isn’t your big city drag show. Have you been out to Cucci Binaca’s monthly out there!? Guaranteed to be crazy fun, with some fairly colorful locals who just love their drag. Co-hosted by my old ‘Lashes’ castmate Tory Marchella, you’ll see some of their local talent and talent from abroad. Joining them from Seattle for this show is another Team Diva favorite Deja Nouveau, the fierce Brooke Lynn Bradshaw, her daughter Londyn Bradshaw and the fabulous Lucy Paradisco! Plus its only $5, free if you’re active duty military!

playhouse bc

Sunday 9/6: Playhouse! If Bremerton isn’t your jam, how about Victoria, BC!? Gouda Gabor and friends present this themed night at DejaVous Nightclub and this isn’t your childhood Barbies vs GI Joes playtime! Get yourself over on the Victoria Clipper for a two day one night stay right here from Seattle! Drag queen performances, hot Men of Ruff and DJ Del Stamp! However much time you plan, check out these other sights and activities that are a must in Victoria!

Woo! No matter what you plan for your Labor Day weekend, you surely will have a blast! Keep it local, do some travel, you can’t go wrong. Keep supporting all of the amazing artists we have here in the Pacific Northwest, they do what they do because they love doing it for you! Stay safe and have an amazing Labor Day weekend everyone!