dth halloween

Looking for a to-do this Halloween?

The gay high holiday is upon us ladies and gentlemen! Yes its HALLOWEEN! I’ve been seeing people all over town slowly becoming their alter egos in various costumes and its only going to get more and more noticeable! Luckily for all you 9-5er’s, the big night in question is on a Saturday so no need to fake a call into work or suffer thru whatever fatigue or hangover you might get yourself into. Here on the hill I’ve seen my fair share of Halloweens and I’m sure this one will be just as busy and spectacular as they all have been.

However, confession time, I will probably be..A – hanging out with friends watching some Halloween themed movies, B – down at Chez Diva joining in on their festivites or C – just doing my own thing at home. ‘WHY!?’ you must ask. I know its probably horrible to hear a drag queen say they’re just not getting all that into Halloween or going out. Just isn’t my bag, hasn’t really ever been.

Lets face it – ‘dressing up for Halloween’ happens 1-5 times a week depending on how many gigs I have. Halloween is a go big or go home kinda deal for the drag species and frankly I got bills to pay and enough drag already. Yeah I had a pretty spectacular ‘Bitch Puddin’ made last year, but that’s all folks!

Now onto the real reason why I’m here – I picked some parties for ya’ll! Things I think you should go to and have a ball – or see some, ya’ll and your skimpy costumes. Maybe win some money for your costume if you did spend time and talent making it. Or to just go enjoy some super awesome queer events do your Halloween right. Or your money back (disclaimer: you paid me nothing so you don’t get any money back – SORRY BOUT IT!)

Spookhaus 3: SPOOK there it is

Don't they look...sweet?

Don’t they look…sweet?

The Northwest Film Forum cooked up not one, not two, BUT THREE nights of fun! However as you read this – the first night already happened. You can still get your tickets (or as their FB event says, “if there are any left” and go see them for one of the 5 more showings or whatever it is they’re doing tonight and tomorrow.

A Night of Fear, Mayhem, and Debauchery, 21+ only. Tickets are $20 in advance, $22 at door.

PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEED  to be the best Haunted House and Halloween Bonanza this side of the Cascadian Subduction Zone.

Show up, get some liquid courage, and conquer your fears.
There will be clowns.
There will be killer karaoke.
There will be the impossible standards of your parents.
Buy a ticket.
Party like death is inevitable.

Keep the clowns happy, get yer tickets now: bit.ly/spookhaus3

Uh oh – did you read that.. GUARANTEED. Let me know how it goes and mayhaps if it isn’t the best you can get your money back? Do you really wanna be that kind of putz?

You could almost do the next three easily enough and just party hop around town. I’ll even give em to you in some kind of chronological order, look at the good I do!


This is what the Haunted Mansion would look like staffed by Haus of Keebler.

HalloKween : Hosted By Haus of Keebler

From the makers of ‘ArtHaus Season 2‘ comes the tastiest drag haus, the Haus of Keebler! They’re going  to be hosting down at Kremwerk for what I’m sure will be an amazing evening of spooky fun. Have you not been to Kremwerk yet!? GO! It’s amazing – plus if there is an event also going on at Rebar that you want to hit you can do both in the same night with little walking! All that fun on one block!

There will be SPOOOOOOPY performances by some of your favorite Seattle drag queens!

There will be CREPPPPPPY music to dance to a twirl and shriek to!

There will be an EEEEERIE costume contest where the winner will walk away with a $30 bar tab and hand picked prize from the Haus!

Cover: $5 with costume, $7 without costume – 21+


Dead, dead, dead, DEAD!

Dead, dead, dead, DEAD!

If the Keebler’s poster wasn’t amazing enough. Get a load of what party master DJ Nark and his team came up with. As an avid fan of ‘Murder She Wrote‘ and to quote practically anyone nowadays, ‘#DEAD’. If I could shablam in this blog over this poster I would. Dickslap is always a great time and has really turned The Eagle on its head. This or any party of theirs is a MUST go. Throw in Amoania as your hostess for the evening and all is set. Party like there’s no tomorrow in this Halloween helliverse.

It’s a 90’s (w)horror double feature in your best Angela Lansbury MURDER SHE TEXTED drag or your brightest chunky vinyl / business woman-zombie suit for ROMY AND MICHELE’S HORROR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, or just whatever outfit you’ve been planning all year, but with that many JB Fletcher’s around there’s sure to be a MURDERRRR

Special guest DJs Bright Light Bright Light, Chris Camplin along with Nark will make for quite the night of dancing. Ross Milam from Scruff will be there in some capacity. From the looks of the invite whatever that “capacity” is will be glorious. Don’t forget to stroll by or look up at the cage in the main room to see Pup Amp and friends dancing in what little Halloween costumes they have devised. Also – look into Pup Amp‘s eyes if you can, good lord they’re gorgeous!

21+ … can’t find the cover, but I don’t think it’s gonna be expensive.


A Halloween CLASSIC!

A Halloween CLASSIC!

Sending some love to my home bar where I do my weekly ‘DONNATELLA VS HUMANITY‘ night. The gang of 500 East along with DJ Shan-tha-don are putting the Thriller in Halloween! Happy hour from 10- close and they have so much on tap, you’re gonna be set!

As bars are want to do – there will be a costume contest. I’m sure there will be bar hopping just for the timing of said contests to see how many times your costumes will sweep the wins. Prepare yourselves accordingly! First prize is $50, second is $25 and third is $10.

21+ and NO COVER!

Got it all? Check out all of their pages. Have fun and be safe! Happy Halloween!