North Capitol Hill Estate

North Capitol Hill

North Capitol Hill is the diamond jewel in the crown of the Hill. Top rated schools, amazing parks and stunning homes draw Seattle’s elite families to call this area home. Dwellings: This hood is flush with Tudors, Colonials and Classical designed grand manors snuggle up to magnificent apartment buildings, and luxurious single family homes. Dwellers: Families and folks that want to be one step away from the action. […]

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Bright and snazzy beauties in East Capitol Hill.

East Capitol Hill

East Capitol Hill is one of the unique spots in Seattle where you can truly capture the historic feel of our city. Dwellings: Turn of the century estates rub up against mid-century custom built homes. Tree lined streets, spacious parks and top-notch schools are the hallmarks of this family-friendly neighborhood. Dwellers: Hip families. Folks for whom the […]

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Pony Bar

Pony Triangle | The Bar is Just the Tip

The Pony Triangle – Okay, we made up the name.  Just look for the iconic Pony Bar on the triangle between Madison and Union. It’s true the Bar is just the “tip” of this neighborhood. Dwellings: Condos, townhouses, cute little vintage apartment buildings. Dwellers: Edgy, urban city dwellers, foodies and folks dig the border between Capitol […]

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Analog Coffee, Seattle

North of Olive

North of Olive is a sleeper neighborhood. Let me be clear: not SLEEPY but sleeper. It sneaks up on you, the diamond in the rough. If you stop long enough to find the gems tucked away on side streets, or explore those storefronts you typically whiz by in your car. It’s urban, gritty and edgy […]

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Seattle Central in the Heart of Capitol Hill

Seattle Central

The Seattle Central neighborhood of Capitol Hill gets it’s name from the college that occupies several city blocks on Broadway between Pine and Denny Way. The College lends a distinct atmosphere of expansiveness. There’s lots to be learned–both inside the walls of the building on Broadway and outside. Dwellings: New condo complexes and vintage apartment buildings. […]

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15th Ave: Living in Foodie Heaven

15th Avenue is the neighborhood for the culinarily indecisive. Why, you ask? Because there’s a joint for your every whim. Feeling pub grub and an IPA? Hopvine is the place for you. Feeling pub grub stepped up a notch (or three)? Try a grass-fed, aged beef burger at Smith. Looking for a place to cozy […]

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Cheap drinks dominate

Pike and Pine East

Everything you’ve heard about Capitol Hill hipness (or hipsterness) has it’s roots in the Pike and Pine East neighborhood. It is and has been the nexus of action for years–long before Amazon set up shop just a mile or so down the hill, before black-rimmed glasses were cool, back before jeans were SKINNY. You can’t […]

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Cal Anderson Park is Seattle’s Central Park

The Cal Anderson neighborhood is punctuated by open space–something that is in short supply in the urban core of Seattle. Seattle-ites love their green spaces and Cal Anderson gives us plenty of room to stretch out and soak in that sun, kick the ball around or walk the mutt. And, frankly, it’s great people watching. If […]

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2015-01-13 11.57.38

12th Ave E

12th Avenue East has changed rapidly in the last ten years, perhaps more than any other microhood. As the population density of Capitol Hill grows, it continues to push it’s boundaries and 12th Avenue East has responded in kind. Capitol Hill is a haven for the artsy folks, but 12th Avenue in particular has carved […]

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From the Loveless Building in the Broadway neighborhood of Seattle


Broadway—wow! It’s the epitome of the changing face of Capitol Hill. A few old favorites remain, flanked by new condo buildings and so many new eateries and drinkeries (see how we like to make up words here?) it’s like a sea of neon and culinary delights. Head a little further north and your surrounded by charmingly […]

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