15th Ave: Living in Foodie Heaven

15th Avenue is the neighborhood for the culinarily indecisive. Why, you ask? Because there’s a joint for your every whim. Feeling pub grub and an IPA? Hopvine is the place for you. Feeling pub grub stepped up a notch (or three)? Try a grass-fed, aged beef burger at Smith. Looking for a place to cozy up with a hot beverage and a book? Seattle is known for having a coffeeshop on every corner, and the 15th street corridor doesn’t disappoint.

Dwellings: vintage apartments buildings,  Tudor style and craftsman single family homes mixed with rambling Victorian eclectic, colorful homes.

Dwellers: mid-career professionals, twenty-somethings, those looking to be a step away from the chaos of Pike/Pine, but still amidst great food and community.15thremedytea_920

To Do’s: 

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