19th Ave East

19th Ave East, where life is a little quieter and yet the hustle and bustle is just a few blocks away. It’s a neighborhood, people walk their dogs and don’t dodge the remnants of last night’s fun. There’s more green space and less cement. More yard and less courtyard. But don’t be fooled: this microhood is experiencing it’s own renaissance. Restaurants and shops are popping up left and right–there’s plenty to keep you busy!19th Ave Lofts

Dwellings: 19th Ave East affords a slightly bigger space, slightly lower rent. Lots of single family craftsman homes mingling with small apartment buildings with a dusting of new construction here and there.

Dwellers: New families looking for more space, folks who might like more than one bedroom and don’t mind not being at the center of it all.

To Do:

  • Tallulah’s. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Best. Patio. Ever.
  • Moonjar. Take your kiddos here to start learning about financial literacy–start ’em early and they’ll be Diva Dwellers too someday!
  • Tinto Furniture: outfit your new digs with fabulous contemporary and sustainable furniture.

We love the changing face of 19th Avenue. If you think you might like it too, check out more here!