Bellevue, Bellevue, Bellevue

Bellevue, Bellevue and Bellevue is the neighborhood that will confuse any non-Capitol Hill dweller. Three B3street intersection plus nearly identical names is a recipe for blowing your sense of direction to hell. But this charming little ‘hood is not to be overlooked for it’s slightly befuddling nature (seriously, though, take a second and imagine giving directions “go north on Bellevue and then hang a slight right onto Bellevue.” Hah).

Dwellings: This neighborhood is full of redbrick and stone, condo buildings and townhouses that creep together up the hill from I-5.

Dwellers: It’s proximity to this main thoroughfare makes it particularly desirable for the average commuter, but if you’re an Amazon-ite then you have it made. Roll on down that hill and land squarely in your cubicle.

To Do’s: This neighborhood is perfectly adjacent to the liveliness of Broadway and just steps away from all that the Olive Way neighborhood has to offer. But don’t let it’s quietness fool you–there’s plenty of action tucked away in this little microhood!

  • The Lookout–seriously, if you haven’t been, you must go. Not that the food and drink are going to knock your socks off–good beer and pub food, but that’s not the reason most of us find ourselves here. It’s got a killer patio with gorgeous views of the cityscape and Space Needle. Too cold and dreary to sit outside? Have no fear. Cozy up inside at one of the high tops near the wall of windows and enjoy the view just the same.
  • Cafe Barjot will serve you a coffee or a fancy beverage, whatever your speed.
  • Just a few blocks away, Top Pot Doughnut is the perfect way to start a slow Saturday.

Are you an Amazon-ite looking for a microhood just a mile up the hill? Are you just jonesin’ for a little quaint quiet hood to balance your hoppin’ lifestyle? Check out more about Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue here.