North of Olive

North of Olive is a sleeper neighborhood. Let me be clear: not SLEEPY but sleeper. It sneaks up on you, the diamond in the rough. If you stop long enough to find the gems tucked away on side streets, or explore those storefronts you typically whiz by in your car. It’s urban, gritty and edgy with plenty of fantastic finds just blocks away.

Dwellings: vintage and mid-century apartment buildings butt up to new construction just as you descend into Westlake and South Lake Union. It’s walkable, rideable (check out the Pronto bikes at the corner of Summit and Republican) and parking is in short supply. This is the ‘hood for the non-car owner.

Analog Coffee, Seattle

(Rosie Gaynor photos)

Dwellers: hip, urban young professionals who want to be right in the middle of the action and is ready for all the charms of urban living–hustle, bustle, less driving, more walking. Do you cycle to work? Is One Bus Away the top app on your smartphone? This is a great spot for you.


  • Analog Coffee in the heart of No’Olive, where the coffee is thoughtfully delicious, the tunes come from the house record player, and the comic books and newspapers are waiting for you (yes, you!) to take a break.
  • Pretty Parlor for some vintage or indie-designed threads.
  • Montana for a sip of an on-tap craft cocktail.
  • Cairo for all your fancy dress and accessory needs.
  • Top Pot Doughnuts for the morning after sugar fix.

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