19th Ave Lofts

19th Ave East

19th Ave East, where life is a little quieter and yet the hustle and bustle is just a few blocks away. It’s a neighborhood, people walk their dogs and don’t dodge the remnants of last night’s fun. There’s more green space and less cement. More yard and less courtyard. But don’t be fooled: this microhood […]

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in the Harvard/Belmont neighborhood of Seattle


Harvard/Belmont is the Upper East Side of Capitol Hill’s microhoods. It does fancy-schmancy Seattle style. Big ol’ houses, big ol’ trees, manicured lawns with velvety green grass without a hint of the pink plastic flamingo. Houses are encased in wrought iron fences, you can probably control the sprinkler systems, lights, holiday decor and air conditioning […]

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Conservatory in Volunteer Park.  Always Something to See in North Capitol Hill

Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is one of those neighborhoods you wander through just to gawk. Not just at the gorgeous homes and lawns, but at the massive old trees, the street lamps, the old brick. Not to mention the supreme people watching you can get in at the park–families with kids, dog walkers, joggers, fencers, performers, yogis, […]

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Bellevue, Bellevue, Bellevue

Bellevue, Bellevue and Bellevue is the neighborhood that will confuse any non-Capitol Hill dweller. Three street intersection plus nearly identical names is a recipe for blowing your sense of direction to hell. But this charming little ‘hood is not to be overlooked for it’s slightly befuddling nature (seriously, though, take a second and imagine giving […]

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2015-01-13 11.52.40

Pike and Pine West

Pike and Pine West, the low-key side of the always bustling and sometimes chaotic Pike and Pine corridor. You want to be at the apex of the crazy? Head up the road to Pike/Pine East. Want to slide just to the side of the mayhem but still have the ability to dip a toe in? […]

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