Pike and Pine East

Everything you’ve heard about Capitol Hill hipness (or hipsterness) has it’s roots in the Pike and Pine East neighborhood. It is and has been the nexus of action for years–long before Amazon set up shop just a mile or so down the hill, before black-rimmed glasses were cool, back before jeans were SKINNY. You can’t be any more in the middle of the action than you are in this ‘hood. Great music, fancy drinks, the best clubs.

But this little microhood isn’t just the nexus of hipster culture. It continues to be the heart of the protests and celebrations of all sorts. Election celebrations, Occupy protests and Ferguson marches have all found their way to this neighborhood. This ‘hood has it’s pulse on contemporary issues and culture.

Cheap drinks dominate

Cheap drinks dominate Pike and Pine East

Dwellings: New condo buildings, loft space, high-density living.

Dwellers: You think nightlife starts at 11PM? Want to be able to dine when everyone else in the city is sleeping? Does the sound of the dance club around the corner make you feel alive? Pike and Pine East is the place for you.


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