Pike and Pine West

2015-01-13 11.52.40Pike and Pine West, the low-key side of the always bustling and sometimes chaotic Pike and Pine corridor. You want to be at the apex of the crazy? Head up the road to Pike/Pine East. Want to slide just to the side of the mayhem but still have the ability to dip a toe in? Pike and Pine West is your ‘hood.

Dwellings: condo buildings, old and new and a lot of them. This is not the ‘hood for those looking for space in the backyard to grow tomatoes. Want a shared rooftop deck? A juliet balcony with views of the city? This is your spot.

Dwellers: You might be just on the other side of your hardest partying years. Or maybe just a click down from a 100% extrovert. You can still throw down on a Saturday night, but you also know when to take it easy and how to shake off the hangover in the morning.

To Do’s: 
  • The two best sandwich shops on the Hill are right in your front yard. Honey Hole and Other Coast Cafe. Oh, the bread, the fries, the juicy oozy goodness of the sauce. Please, go get one now.
  • Diva favorite mid-century furniture at Area 51. So many gorgeous sofas with beautiful fabric, you’ll wish you had another whole place to decorate (and if you decide you do, you know who to call).
  • So much coffee, so little time. Seriously, you could spend a holiday weekend trying them all: Victrola, Kaladi Brothers, Bauhaus, Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. Grab your cuppa and take your mutt to Capitol Hill’s dog park for some much needed running.
Pike/Pine West, it’s the microhood, other hoods look up to. Does this sound like you? Read about even more of our faves here.