If Not Capitol Hill, Where?

If not our beloved Capitol Hill, where?

There have been lots of conversations (read: rants) on social media about folks getting “priced out” of Capitol Hill. It is true that as the condo buildings creep closer to the sky, they appear to be dragging rents with them. Clearly, we at Team Diva love Capitol Hill and believe that there are plenty of homes to be had.

CP-MicroHoodsRent Guru Roy shared an article recently that posits that new, more expensive housing may actually free up lower cost housing for those who don’t have a couple grand a month to drop on rent. I’m not an economist and I’m not going to try to simplify the theory and mutilate it in the process. Read it yourself here, and suffice it to say that you can rest assured. The doomsday predictions that the face of Capitol Hill is quickly moving toward looking more like our Eastside neighbors is, in fact, a little exaggerated. Capitol Hill may be getting a little zap of Botox here or there, but an entire facelift is not on the horizon.

All that said–plenty of folks may be on the hunt for something else. Well, we love this whole city and think there are some pretty sweet neighborhoods that are getting lots of sparkle too!

Check out this post in the Stranger and let us know–if not Capitol Hill, where?