This rooftop deck with a killer view is to die for!

Patio Season Has Arrived on the Hill

Oh, thank goodness. Just when I thought those gray skies I love so much were finally going to do me in, that big ball of fire finally came out and reminded me of just how glorious patio season can be in Seattle. In honor of this weekend’s kicka$$ forecast, we decided to highlight the best spots to soak up all that vitamin D.Talullahs

For Beers on the Patio:

  • Linda’s Tavern is the old favorite in Pike and Pine West. The courtyard is big, the happy hour is cheap and brunch stretches until 3 on Sundays.
  • Captain Black’s is one of Diva Dude Roy’s favorites. A nautical themed bar with southern inspired food (that’s a lot of theme right there), the patio is the real selling point on this joint. Straddling the line between North Olive Way and the Seattle Central microhood, the location is perfect for a great view of the downtown Seattle.
  • Just up the road in the Bellevue/Bellevue/Bellevue (otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle of Capitol Hill) microhood, the Lookout is an old standby. Tucked back in the primarily residential ‘hood, this spot has a great patio with Lake Union, Olympic mountain and Seattle skyline views.

Fancy cocktails and munchies: 

  • Stretch out and enjoy amazing, award winning eats in Poppy’s courtyard herb garden in the Broadway microhood.
  • TerraPlata is affordable dining in the Pike and Pine West ‘hood. The concept straight from the earth to the table and they do that very well. Tasty eats and great wine, and if you sneak upstairs you can recline on their rooftop deck!
  • Have you seen the cutest patio in town? Right around the corner from Skillet Diner, Marjorie is bejewelled with colorful patio umbrellas and string lights. Super cool decor, eclectic menu and craft cocktails, tucked right in the Pony Triangle.
  • Tallulah’s, last but oh-so-certainly not least! This 19th Avenue microhood hotspot has one of the most desirable patios in Capitol Hill. It’s huge, it’s airy and lit with string lights. It’ll fit all your pals. Get there. Have happy hour. Eat dinner. You won’t be sorry.

Less booze more caffeine?

  • Take a stroll through Volunteer Park on Saturday morning and then go grab a muffin and a latte at Volunteer Park Cafe. Or, better yet, join them for one of their family style dinners!
  • Oddfellows Cafe + Bar is just around the corner from Diva HQ in the Pike and Pine East hood. It’s a perfect spot to sit on the sidewalk and people watch, or if that wind is still just a bit chilly, head inside. With floor to ceiling windows open to the outside, you’ll feel like you’re out in the world! Have a coffee and then have a cocktail!
  • Bauhaus is comfortably settled in their new space in the Pike and Pine West hood. They’ve got killer deck space on both the lower and upper level. Perfect for getting a little work done with some of the best coffee in town.

If you take a few steps down the road, one of my two favorite spots are just outside of the hood. Bring your pups and kiddos to Chuck’s HopShop in the Central District, just a few blocks from the Pony Triangle. Belly up to the food truck parked out front, give the kids some ice cream and have a flight of IPA’s.

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Do you want one of those patios all on for yourself? Well, we’ve got some killer Diva Dwellings with great patios!

Our Pony Triangle cutie has a huge deck and city views from the master bedroom with all the urban goodness just outside the front door!

Looking for something a bit bigger in a more residential ‘hood? Check this Diva Dwelling out with the CRAZY rooftop deck in the 19th Avenue microhood.

Summer’s coming! Where are your favorite spots to step to for a sip?