Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine


Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine

The East section of the Pike and Pine corridor of Capitol Hill is about to launch its pilot program that joins what is already working in Portland, Vancouver, NOLA, Memphis, Chicago and Austin and may just become a reality in San Francisco!

What might it be like to go out with your besties on a Saturday night (or if all goes well a Friday) and be able to roam a section of our hill’s nightlife scene without having to worry so much about car traffic?

How about if the plan even was to include programming such as an open air group yoga class or a show headlined by one local icon Jackie Hell and much more!?

People, this is about to become a THING! Pike street from Broadway to 12th Ave will be closed to cars (except local traffic, emergency vehicles and deliveries) and closures will spread outward on 10/11th avenues a block as well for four Saturdays in August. Literally right around the corner!

On August 8th and 15th it’ll be a ‘dry run’ of sorts. Closing the streets off from 10p-3am to allow for the community to get a feel for what the closures will be like. Work out the kinks and prepare for whats to come for the following two Saturdays.

As for the 22nd and 29th (from 8p-3am) the street closures will include a variety of LGBT and community focused activities and small performances earlier in the night.

Its time for our community to shine like it can and like never before! It could be like a hybrid event of our own Broadway pride street fair and the Int’l district night market!

Later in the night programming will be quiet and focus on promoting a calm atmosphere and directing activity off of the streets at the end of the night. Even as we are working to make a safe and fun open air experience of roaming our nightlife scene we do also need to remember that not everyone is going to be out as late and respect their peace and quiet at home in the same area.

Check out more about the who, what, where, when and why of the program HERE!

If you want to get involved VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! Plus it looks like there’s a stipend for your time and help, pretty sweet! Check out the link above as they are looking for data collection within the planned area for closures. If you’re an entertainer and might fit their programming needs, make sure you check out the application page as programming is still in the works!