Cheap drinks dominate

Pike and Pine East |Bars, Boutiques, Baristas

Pike and Pine East, the younger brother of the Pike/Pine duo. It’s younger, it’s looks better in a suit, and everyone wants to party with Pike/Pine East. Every article written about Seattle’s hipness and hipsterness involves Pike and Pine. 2015-01-13 12.00.23

Coffee: Caffe Vita, Porchlight

Fancy Drinks: Vermillion, Oddfellows, Tin Table, and Quinn’s.

Not so fancy drinks: Comet Tavern, 95 Slide, Bimbos/Cha-Cha, The Unicorn & Narwhal, Big Mario’s and Moe Bar.

Dance and Drinks: Havana, Neighbours, Q, and The Cuff Complex.

Now you’re saying, “Roy, there is more to a neighborhood than places to dance and drink drinks or coffee.” Sure, you want to buy some cool stuff? Check out: Retail Therapy, Loft 63, Retrofit Home, Bluebird Ice Cream, and Throwbacks NW.

Not to mention, this is the only microhood with it’s own three day music festival, Capitol Hill Block Party.

This microhood isn’t just about spending money. It’s also a cultural hub for Seattle. Occupy protests camped out at Pine and Broadway. More recent protests climb up from downtown to the Pike/Pine corridor. On election night, people met up on Pike between Broadway and 12th to celebrate both Obama elections and the passing of gay marriage.

Pike and Pine is changing rapidly. Auto Row holdouts have moved on and made way for new condos and apartments. The one-to-three story landscape is quickly being pushed to the six story level. As the neighborhood grows and changes, it’s popularity holds steady. This is most likely due to it’s established businesses, high density, and proximity to downtown. The biggest problem you will face when living in Pike/Pine is trying to remember, is it on Pike or Pine?