Pony Bar

Pony Triangle | The Bar is Just the Tip

Pony BarThe Pony Triangle – Okay, we made up the name but it’s real easy to find because of the iconic Pony Bar on the triangle between Madison and Union.

Named aptly for our beloved Pony which sits at its apex, this microhood offers more than solid nightlife. Foodie dreams come true as you balance budget and green-minded ideals shopping Trader Joe’s and Central Co-op located conveniently next door to each other. Cheese, crackers and vino at TJs, meat, produce and bulk at the Co-Op. No fail grocery shopping. Across the street, Little Uncle dishes up the best Thai food in the city. Try the pork buns. Also nearby is Oola distillery. As you head east and south, the blurred lines of Capitol Hill and the Central District become evident. The little urban village that’s developed at 19th and Union is quickly becoming a destination for those seeking quiet from the Friday night hoorah that is Pike/Pine. Head to Central Cinema and order a cocktail with your popcorn or see some live music at Hollow Earth Radio.Bring your kiddos and mutts to the ever-popular Chuck’s Hop Shop and sample one of the 50 brews on tap. On Saturday morning, read the paper at Tougo Coffee and finally get that bike tuned up down the hill by the fine fellows at 20/20 Cycle. Centrally located and incredibly walkable, giddy up to Pony Triangle.