Rugby is a Drag!

Or was a drag. Has been a drag. Also it will be a drag, because it will be back next year!


Year one with my first two rugby drag daughters.

I’ve had the honor and pleasure the last few years of being apart of a fundraising event that has become a highlight of my year. Tru Halliwell of the Seattle Quake Rugby Team is the mastermind behind this fabulous event. If you’ve been to Purr in the past few years and most recently Neighbours (where the event is held) then you must have crossed paths with Tru. He’s hysterical, straight to the point, a past Mr Gay Seattle and one of the best people in our community – you feel like family with Tru. ‘Rugby is a Drag’ takes a cast of players from their team with enough going on in their daily lives and throws them into rehearsals for this show featuring singular performances, groups of varying sizes and this year live singing hosted by the fabulous Gaysha Starr!

This year's cast of fabulous ladies!

This year’s cast of fabulous ladies!

But of course, even in this day and age, how many of these men have done drag? Know how to? That’s where myself and other “fairy drag mothers” if you will come in. There are a couple gents who know the craft well and have done it themselves, turning out some fabulous performances. Everyone gives 110%. Tru coordinates with myself and others from around the drag scene to come in and pick ourselves some drag babies. An array of queens with varying skill levels of drag meet a team of guys who may or may not have a clue what they’re doing and magic happens.

Pre-show preparation for Ami Champagne by Le Faux hostess Kristie Champagne.

Pre-show preparation for Ami Champagne by Le Faux hostess Kristie Champagne.

Over the years Ursula Major, Olivia LaGarce, Raye Sunshine, Diamond St James, Angel Snowbunny, LaSaveona Hunt, Kristie Champagne, Kara Sutra, Brooke Lynn Bradshaw, Glitter Bomb and Regine Dynasty just to name a handful, have all jumped onboard. We show up to a rehearsal, get matched up with our rugby players and discuss their vision, what they have and need supply wise along with any tips that we have ourselves. Come day of the show, we all pile into Neighbours hours before and get them into drag. Come showtime, its a packed house full of amazing energy and a crowd ready to cheer everyone on. After doing the show for two years ,the rugby team awards those queens with a gorgeous plaque awarding them ‘MVD: Quake Allstar Diva Award’.

The transformation from rugby player to 'Slim Kardashian' courtesy of Glitter Bomb.

The transformation from rugby player to ‘Slim Kardashian’ courtesy of Glitter Bomb.

What I’ve been so delighted with and love coming back to year after year is the camaraderie. Two communities who certainly can cross over in other ways coming together for a fundraising show and bonding. When you’re sitting in front of someone doing their makeup, you’re in each others space and learning about each other. These awesome rugby gents allow their faces to become canvases that we paint our styles onto, its pretty amazing to see your work on someone else and learn from it. This year was even more special some of us got to perform with our rugby drag babies.

There are a lot of fabulous events that happen in town but this is by far one of the most amazing and I highly suggest you check it out next year! Follow all of these fabulous performers and Quake Rugby on social media and check out their games and events, you won’t be sorry! But for now I leave you with the group number put together with my daughters Candi d’Ennui as Britney Spears and D’gnity as Ke$ha and myself as Nicki Minaj!