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Small Space Design That Works

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Small spaces that work are all the rage these days. Less is more, simple, streamlined, efficient design is freeing. Have you seen Tiny, the documentary about the dude who built his own tiny house? Living small is the thing to do these days. How do you find small space design that works?

This is nothing new. The voluntary simplicity movement has been around for generations. The hippies loved simple living back in the day. Their babies, the hipsters, are following suit. And more importantly there is a real need to increase our urban density in order to stop development of big suburban houses in environmentally sensitive areas.

In major urban centers like Seattle, particularly the Capitol Hill ‘hood, this tiny space renaissance is a big deal. Folks want to be within walking distance of their workspace, their favorite grocery store, and the top spots to play. They are willing to forgo square footage for a particular lifestyle–one that works hard and plays hard. There are some pretty awesome ways to get creative and make small spaces live bigger. Multi-use dividers or curtains to create private and public spaces are one way. Think vertical–how can you utilize the space above eye level? Efficient storage will give you the open, airy feel that make space feel bigger. Check out more tips here.

Team Diva Real Estate’s newest Diva Dwelling in the Plaza del Sol has all of the live big in small spaces concept mastered! The design touches in this studio condo space are impeccable. The Elfa shelving system provides high end, organized and snazzy storage. The space is open and bright, with great lighting makes the space feel much bigger than it’s actual size. The intentional use of space and well thought out layout allows for private and common space.

And, what’s more, this building is right on the border of the Seattle Central and North of Olive microhoods and all they have to offer for the hardest working, hardest playing Diva Dweller!

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