Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks

How to Spend the Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks

It seems that people are drawn to properties with rooftop decks, but few residents actually use these amenities. Why is that? It certainly isn’t that we don’t like being “high” or on top of things. It also can’t be a fear of communal spaces; our cafes are always packed with people reading and studying and relaxing alone or in small groups. Maybe people buy into that notion that Seattle is always rainy, so they get in the habit of staying inside. If so, it’s their loss, because Seattle has commanding views throughout the city thanks to our many hills and, of course, properties with rooftop access.

The most likely reason that people forget to use their rooftop decks is that they just forget that they have them. It’s out of sight, therefore out of mind. So here are some reminders of what you could (and should) be doing with your rooftop deck, especially in the summer.

The Privacy

A rooftop deck is a nice place to take a recent acquaintance or a client whom you don’t know well enough to invite into your personal space. It’s a nice alternative to a cafe for the mere sake of variety, let alone for the quieter atmosphere it may afford. The buzz of cafes may get some people in a creative mood, but it can be distracting, too. A majestic view on a beautiful day can be just as inspiring, especially when you are dreaming big.

The Sun

Get your Vitamin D while the days are still long. We have no shortage of parks, but a rooftop deck is has more privacy, fewer bugs and less dirt and detritus. (And who wants to use the restroom at the parks?) Some rooftop decks may not receive full sun all day, but if your first stop is the deck rather than the park, you’ll probably find a spot when you want it. No seating on the deck? If you invest in a nice thick towel and blanket, you can still get comfy and they’ll be easier to clean than if you laid them on a lawn.

The Romance

You’re on a sweet date and you want to extend the night a little but still say goodnight at your front door. The deck is a prime spot for the night’s denouement: a little romantic and intimate, a chance to keep talking and take in the sights and sounds of night in the city. Or maybe the deck is just a way to ease closer to the bedroom and read each other’s feelings in a quiet space off the street without going straight for the couch. Maybe you’ve already had your date over for dinner to show them you can make more than toast and the deck is where you go to enjoy a little dessert while the sun sets. Whether you plan to sleep alone or make toast for two in the morning, the deck can be a little launch pad for romance. Don’t forget to use it as such.

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Rooftop Decks Around Capitol Hill 


The Garden Court’s Rooftop Deck
This sweet rooftop deck is just down the street from the Gaybucks on Olive. It is surrounded by views of the city, Queen Anne and Elliot Bay. Magical!!!! But even better



The Onyx Rooftop Deck
Did you know as an owner at the Onyx you can reserve the rooftop deck for your own private party? Hint – someone we know and love is hosting his own Pride party on this fab place. It also has built in speakers that you can sync with your Smart Phone. Meaning – you can play your jams and watch the Bridge and Tunnel crowd from a distance during Pride!



Your Own Private Deck at Lakeview Condos
Maybe privacy is more your deal. Why share when you can selfishly have your own private patio oasis. The Lakeview Condos only has two units that each have their private patio decks. Want to BBQ on any given night and don’t want to fight it out for the one BBQ grill? No need for that type of brutality. Just go outside to your private veranda and enjoy your own BBQ. No dealing with other people!



The Plaza Del Sol Roof Top
Everyone knows Team Diva has a lady crush on the Plaza Del Sol. We have watched New Years fireworks from this deck. Sipped Rose with friends on this deck. Oh and done a ton of video and photo shoots from this deck. Why? It has one of the best views anywhere on the Hill!