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Who Doesn’t Love A Loft? Trace Lofts Are Waiting for You.

  Who Doesn’t Love A Loft? Well the Trace Lofts are waiting for you. The industrial feel and sheik design of The Trace Lofts make it one of those buildings that stay on the radar of most prospective Capitol Hill Buyers. I know I have featured the Trace Lofts in the past but I can’t help showing off units […]

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Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine

Pedestrian Nightlife Corridor on Pike and Pine The East section of the Pike and Pine corridor of Capitol Hill is about to launch its pilot program that joins what is already working in Portland, Vancouver, NOLA, Memphis, Chicago and Austin and may just become a reality in San Francisco! What might it be like to […]

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Divas Take the Hill

Gay Pride Kick-Off Party | Divas Take The Hill

Capitol Hill’s Gay Pride Kick Off Party “Divas Take the Hill” is turning FIVE this year. That is right the folks at Team Diva Real Estate and Retail Therapy have been sponsoring Divas Take the Hill for five years now hosted by our very DonnaTella Howe and Miss Kitty Baby. Join us on June 18th at the 12th Avenue Arts […]

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95 Slide Surrounded by New Construction

Changing Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is changing, no question about it. Very few people are ambivalent to these shifts — they either love it or hate it. Seattle Times reporter Tricia Romano wrote one of the most comprehensive articles about the changing dynamics on the Hill, including interviews with the major players on the Hill. The Capitol Hill blog […]

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