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Who Doesn’t Love A Loft? Trace Lofts Are Waiting for You.

  Who Doesn’t Love A Loft? Well the Trace Lofts are waiting for you. The industrial feel and sheik design of The Trace Lofts make it one of those buildings that stay on the radar of most prospective Capitol Hill Buyers. I know I have featured the Trace Lofts in the past but I can’t help showing off units […]

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Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks

How to Spend the Summer on Capitol Hill’s Rooftop Decks It seems that people are drawn to properties with rooftop decks, but few residents actually use these amenities. Why is that? It certainly isn’t that we don’t like being “high” or on top of things. It also can’t be a fear of communal spaces; our […]

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This rooftop deck with a killer view is to die for!

Patio Season Has Arrived on the Hill

Oh, thank goodness. Just when I thought those gray skies I love so much were finally going to do me in, that big ball of fire finally came out and reminded me of just how glorious patio season can be in Seattle. In honor of this weekend’s kicka$$ forecast, we decided to highlight the best […]

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