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Labor Gay Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend! Labor Gay Weekend!

“Labor Gay”, what I instantaneously came up with when Diva Chavi said, ‘hey gal, how about a blog about things to do for the Labor Day weekend?’ It flew out of my mouth faster than shade at a rival queen on a Saturday night at Purr. Labor Day weekend is coming faster than you know […]

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Capitol Hill Home of the Week ~ Garden Court

Capitol Hill Home Of The Week is Garden Court This week another classic Capitol Hill treasure has hit the market. This time it is presented by my office pal, Leslie Dickinson of Coldwell Banker Bain. She has just listed the cutest one bedroom unit located in the highly sought after Garden Court. Situated at 1631 16th Ave, […]

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Three19Summit: Sexy, Swanky, Waiting for You

Three19Summit: sexy and swanky! Unit 203, the Diva Dwelling brought on by Team Diva Real Estate is particularly delicious indeed. Every inch of this unit is has been styled to perfection. Beautifully chosen paint colors and amazing engineered hardwoods add that extra touch of luxury that urbanites desire. Layout is one of the most important features […]

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Tucked away between Panache and Charlie's is HaNa.


I have always had a fondness for Asian foods. I can still remember the places that were the favorites for my family back in Ft Lauderdale and in Fayetteville (the Georgia one). All of the traditional favorites – tho lets face it, it was Americanized, but still delicious. Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest and had […]

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revelry poster_may v2

DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition

  DonnaTella’s Dish| April 28 Edition Its..BURLESQUE! Now if you’ve only seen the Christina Aguilera/Cher Hollywoodized take on the world of strip tease, you need to check some of these events out. However, I’m giving you the reader the benefit of the doubt that you are probably better versed than that and knowing the community […]

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10 Dining04

Small Space Design That Works

Small spaces that work are all the rage these days. Less is more, simple, streamlined, efficient design is freeing. Have you seen Tiny, the documentary about the dude who built his own tiny house? Living small is the thing to do these days. How do you find small space design that works? This is nothing new. […]

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DonnaT & Kimmi V

Donnatella’s Dish: April 14th Edition

OH MY LORT! How did Carrie Bradshaw do it!? I’m keeping it fairly short and sweet this week. I love being busy but I don’t want to drop any of the plates I have spinning! Let’s just get right to it and look at some events, shall we? We are even journeying off the Hill, […]

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If Not Capitol Hill, Where?

If not our beloved Capitol Hill, where? There have been lots of conversations (read: rants) on social media about folks getting “priced out” of Capitol Hill. It is true that as the condo buildings creep closer to the sky, they appear to be dragging rents with them. Clearly, we at Team Diva love Capitol Hill […]

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Capitol Hill Parks

When it is rainy and drizzly and gross out as often as it is in Seattle, people get real stir-crazy. Best way to combat the winter blues? Step out into one of Capitol Hill’s lush green spaces! Seattlites love their trees and parks almost as much as they love coffee shops – it’s all about […]

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Bright and snazzy beauties in East Capitol Hill.

East Capitol Hill | Grow Up or Stay Young

East Capitol Hill is one of the unique spots in Seattle where you can truly capture the historic feel of our city. Turn of the century estates rub up against mid-century custom built homes. When I first moved to Seattle I jogged through this neighborhood starry eyed and smitten. I lived in a basement room […]

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