Capitol Hill's very own Cal Anderson Park in the Summer

Top Reasons to Move to Capitol Hill

Want to know the top reasons to Move to Capitol Hill here in Seattle? The folks at Team Diva Real Estate have the answers for you. Our DivaHQ has been buying, selling, and renting real estate on Capitol Hill for over 15 years. And before that we were a bunch of baby gays and hipsters living and working on the Hill. There are a bunch of reasons to move to Capitol Hill. But frankly, we really think it comes down to the people. They are just our types of peeps.

Let’s just say we have seen every iteration the Hill has gone through. For instance did you know that the Rite-Aid at Olive and Broadway used to be a movie theater? Or the original Seattle Art Museum use to be housed inside the SAM-Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. And last but not least, the the last standing restaurant that still is around from those olden days is Charlie’s. Still cooking up bar food and cheap booze. Currently the cranes and brand new buildings seem overwhelming to most folks who have been here a long time. We think it is just a transition. The bottom line is that the people make a neighborhood not the buildings. Below are just a few reasons why folks should move to Capitol Hill.

Below our the top reasons we think you should move to Capitol Hill

  1. All of the Historic Treasures: You could move to Northgate. There’s nothing wrong with it really– easy transportation, ever-increasing walkability and the biggest movie theater ever. But plant yourself on Capitol Hill if you want to put roots in a neighborhood where Seattle history’s been made. Wander Millionaire’s row and keep an eye out for Frederick Anhalt buildings to soak in the rich architecture of years part. Don’t take century-old green spaces for granted. Ever. Pack a picnic and head to one of three parks designed by the Olmsted brothers of Central Park fame. Each has been preserved with you and yours in mind.
  2. Enrich Yourself With the Arts: Skip Netflix, put down the ear buds and give the elliptical a break. Capitol Hill stimulates. Catch amazing theatre productions. Sip wine cruising an art show. Make the Stranger music section a habit and get involved in the dance and film scenes. Catch a reading at the renown Richard Hugo House. Whether you know it or not, you need art in your life and the Hill will more than meet you halfway.
  3. Centrally Located: Sick of Seattle traffic? We can ease the pain. Capitol Hill lies smack in the middle of the city and boasts amazing connectivity. Walk, bike, bus, drive and eventually catch the light rail to where you need to go. High density and easy access makes the neighborhood especially attractive to those with sustainability in mind. The trick is that once you live here it can be hard to leave.
  4. Awesome Strolls Through the Hood: Get some fresh air. Pedestrian-centered planning gives Capitol Hill a high ranking 90 point Walk Score. Run your daily errands by foot and save some dough on gas. Adventure downtown or towards any of the urban villages on the hill to meet up with buddies and make new ones– and don’t sweat the cab home, you can walk!
  5. The Food: Come hungry. Taco truck or fine dining? Whether you want a quick, cheap bite or to sample the food scene’s latest and greatest, Capitol Hill’s endless options are sure to satisfy every appetite. Cooking in? The Sunday farmers market works like a charm when you’re jonesing for local. Hit the grocery stores for all of your standard needs and when the fancy mood strikes, the variety of specialty shops will be ready.
  6. Party it Up: My parents partied on Capitol Hill and I hope my kids do too. While the neighborhood has seen a shift in population the past ten years, the nightlife flavor is still alive and well. But don’t worry, you can totally pick your speed. Seek out a quiet game night with friends or gear up to paint the town red. There is a bar waiting for you.
  7. Even the Kids Love the Hill (under 12 year old set): While the Pike/Pine corridor may not be ideal for tricycles, Capitol Hill is full of spots where dreams of tree houses and hopscotch can be realized for your rugrats.  You’ll find restaurants stroller-friendly and activities plentiful. The public schools in the area are exceptional and the active community groups throughout the neighborhood give parents a voice to advocate.
  8. Fur-baby Friendly: We’ve thought of them too. Bring them everywhere with you if you’d like– everyone else seems to around here. To off-leash areas and ample park space give Fido the chance to blow off a little steam. Have you seen all of the amazing pet stores and pet places on the Hill? In fact there is a rumor of a new pet friendly bar opening up on 12th. Pooches go play and mommies and daddies can grab a drink.
  9. Shop Super Local: Never go to the freaking mall again. Unless of course you’d like to. Posh shops to thrift, Capitol Hill is a retail therapy dream. Pick your adventure! Hunt for that perfect mid-century credenza. Breath in that delicious papery smell as your peruse Staff Picks at the bookstore. Or simply go find a hostess gift for Aunt Lorraine’s dinner party next week.  
  10. The Hill is Politically Savvy and Engaged: On election day in 2012, over 1000 people gathered in the streets of Capitol Hill to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in Washington state. This is the neighborhood where progressive values and community action are cultivated. This is the neighborhood that rejects homogeneity. Come be yourself here and find pride in diversity. 

Picture your typical weekday afternoon. Are you bustling home from work in dire need of a craft cocktail? Or picking the kids up from school and heading to soccer? Okay, so maybe both. But do where you land after that? A Craftsman fixer-upper on a quiet street or a modern condo in the midst of city life? Will you entertain in your backyard or on your building’s rooftop? The beauty of Capitol Hill is that you can have all of the convenience and rich experience we’ve described above and still at the end of the day, land in the home best suited to your lifestyle.  It’s all here.